Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Your EGO causes your pain....

I often hear from people that they don't want to risk getting hurt so they don't do anything to try and improve their relationship. Meanwhile, they live every day hurt and resentful because the relationship is not where they want it to be. So you can continue to live with hurt feelings, pain, resentment, numbness, disgust, and rejection, or you can try to change it. Yes, you may have to let go of your ego and put yourself out there. Yes, it may be the other persons fault. Yes, it is scary to show your feelings. But what do you want more? An improved relationship or an ego stroking? Be brave and take the first step. Tell your significant other that you love and cherish them and see how they respond. Let them know how important they are and how much you appreciate their contribution to your relationship. Tell them they are handsome/beautiful and that you get excited when you see them. Just let them know how much you care and how you want things to be amazing between you and see what happens.
It is true, not all relationships will work out. Wouldn't you like to know that and have the opportunity to move forward? Or, you just might be surprised what happens when you kill your ego and do things to improve your relationship. Your partner might just step up and follow your lead. Either way, you will know and you can move forward, and stop living with hurt and resentment.
Drop the ego today, make the first move toward healing your relationship. Take down the walls and allow your partner the opportunity to help you recreate the passion and love, and Live Inspired Now!

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