Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Harness your inner Goddess!

Today is my first live on air broadcast with my friends Jodi and Joanne. Please check out the 3 Goddesses on Spreecast today at 11:00am by clicking this link:

Today we will be talking about "first times" and the fear that keeps us from doing things for the first time. Like the first time you have to speak in public or the first time you get called to the Principal's office for one of your kids, and even the first time you fall in love! Join me and the other 2 Goddesses, learn to overcome first time jitters, conquer your fears, and have some fun with us! We are all moms, we are all trained Strategic Intervention Coaches, all full of funny stories, and excited to share them with you!

So today, join us at 11:00am (it's free), have some fun, bring your questions and Live Inspired Now!

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