Monday, May 13, 2013

Is that really YOUR burden to carry?

Many times clients come to see me carrying burdens that aren't even their own. Burdens they are carrying from parents or spouses or sometimes even from television or media. It is possible to become vicariously traumatized by another person's story. It is hard enough to carry your own problems around, let alone the problems of the world. You don't have to be in control of everything because, in fact, you are not. You don't have to carry around problems, you can let them go and move forward. Free yourself of heavy burdens by learning to release yourself from their constraints. You will not believe how much lighter and happier you will feel.
I personally used to carry around the weight of the world. I felt everybody's pain and felt obligated not to forget about it. I am not exactly sure how I had become this way but I will never forget the moment I realized that I could let go. I was sitting in my living room many years ago and I was upset about something that had happened years before. I caught myself focusing on this one horrible world event so I decided to meditate to try and clear my mind. My meditation turned into contemplation and as I contemplated, I questioned myself. I challenged myself by asking the question "Why are you still allowing a memory to control you? Why are you losing the joy of today to the sorrow of yesterday?" This contemplation made me realize that I was robbing myself of moving forward and feeling good because I had let myself focus on something that time had already taken care of.
I felt so overwhelmed and free that I cried. It was amazing to just simply realize that I didn't have to hold myself accountable for all the wrongs in the world and that I could feel bad momentarily but then decide to move on. It is extremely tiring to carry a never ending burden and there is no reward for that type of martyrdom.
So today, think about the "burdens" you are carrying and determine whether they are even yours or not. Then think about stepping aside and letting them go. What is the price of letting go? What is the bigger price of continuing to hold on? Let go, move forward and Live Inspired Now!

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