Saturday, March 30, 2013

Energy effects ALL....

Your energy, good or bad, effects everyone around including pets. One bad attitude can hurt an entire family just as easily as one really happy person can bring light and peace. What are you bringing to those around you? Have you ever been around someone who is festering with anger or rage? Even if that person is not saying anything, you can still feel the intense energy and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like I want to run out of the room or escape when a person's energy is heavy or hostile like that. Even animals can sense it and will go hide.
I often wonder if there is a correlation between pit bull attacks and their owners energy. You hear about pit bulls (or other dogs) becoming vicious and attacking people yet some people raise pit bulls and they are are docile and lovable. Do people with angry energy tend to buy these types of dogs and are they transferring their own energy to the animal? Just something to think about I suppose.... but I DO know that animals can be just as vulnerable to energy as any human can be.
Knowing all this, we should be careful about what type of energy we are sharing with people, especially our children. Kids are extremely intuitive and are highly susceptible to energy transference. Be sure they are surrounded with lots of positive, healing and joyous energy and avoid people who bring them down. Nobody wants to be around someone who is perpetually pessimistic, unwell, negative, or unwilling to release themselves from unhappiness.
So today, check your own energy.... how are you feeling and what are you conveying to others? Ask your family how they feel around certain people and see if you can notice a trend. Ask your kids if they can sense how other people feel and if it matches the way they appear. Teach the kids about energy and become aware of your own and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Don't be common....

It's Friday, life is full of amazing things, go out and find them, go out and BE them! Don't settle for common when you are the only YOU on the planet and only you can create your life. Put a little extra pep in your step today, take a risk, be optimistic, refuse mediocrity, laugh in the face of judgement or drama, rise above your current standard, and LIVE INSPIRED NOW!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude that improves every aspect of life! It would be challenging to be unhappy or pessimistic if you were truly grateful for every moment you have. In the current day and age, we tend to focus on doing and having more, accomplishments and achievements. Even personal development which should be about self actualization has become a "take massive action to achieve more" industry. We need to spend more time in the reflection of gratitude and acceptance of where we are on the journey. If we solely focus on our goals and achievement we will never enjoy where we are.
Teach children to be grateful for what they have, who they are, and for just waking up each day! Talk about gratitude, let the kids know what you are grateful for. Start a gratitude board and have everyone in the home post something they are grateful for each day. Teach them to be thankful for another day on earth and give them some perspective. Remind them that they have opportunities and luxuries that many other people in the world may never have. Tell them stories about the "olden days" when we didn't have cell phones and computers. (lol. olden days. lol) Ask the kids each night at dinner to recall something they were grateful for in their day. Teach kids to say thank you for everything as it reflects an attitude of gratitude. Take time out to celebrate accomplishments. Have ice cream to celebrate finishing a school project before rushing into the next one, or take the kids to the park to celebrate Spring.
So today, no matter what, just show gratitude as often as possible and encourage the kids to do the same. Even a "tough" life has an abundant amount of things to be grateful for if you are willing to see them. Be grateful, teach your children to the same and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Optimism

Optimism is one of my favorite character traits! I LOVE optimistic people, they are the nicest people to spend time with. Who wouldn't want to hang out with someone who is mostly happy, always knows that things will work out, and has a smile on their face? Optimistic people expect the best and aren't afraid to work toward the future, they get over set backs quickly and can weather storms much better than someone who focuses on the bad. For every bit of bad in the world, there is just as much good so it boils down to which we decide to focus on. Optimism takes practice and kids can learn it by watching parents have positive attitudes. You can encourage kids optimism by reading happy things, avoiding TV and the news, and helping them see how "bad" things often turn into blessings. You can also immerse them in optimism by sticking post it notes with positive quotes all over the house, writing a daily quote for them to read, smiling, telling them stories that have happy endings and laughing at things! Optimism is just so much darn fun!! A positive outlook will serve children well throughout life, it is a comfort to know that things always have a way of working out! 
So today, take a sip of happiness and share it with the kids! Look at the bright side and find opportunities to share laughter and joy and Live Inspired Now!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Zest

Zest is not just a brand of soap! It is an enthusiasm and excitement for all that you do; a desire to be active and feel alive! Children learn to be passionate about things by watching their parents get excited and from receiving encouragement for things they are good at. Passion is rarely produced by constantly pointing out what a child does poorly. Kids get excited about things when they are anchored in good feelings and emotions. If a child comes home excited about a new book or a new school project, spend time talking about it and show enthusiasm for your child's involvement. Encourage them to participate fully in whatever they are excited about.
My son Ethan learned to play chess at school and he was pretty excited about it. None of us play chess but Thad learned just so he could play with Ethan. After losing several times Ethan said he didn't want to play with dad anymore because he never got to win. I explained that losing was a GOOD thing because he was getting experience that he wouldn't have if he played against someone below his ability. I also told him that someday when he won, he would know that he had accomplished something that was difficult and could be proud of himself. Well it wasn't very long before Ethan DID beat Thad! Oh my goodness, you would have thought the kid won the lottery! It was great! He couldn't stop smiling and he told every person he knows! He also admitted to me that the victory felt so good because he knew he beat a challenging opponent and that gave him great satisfaction.
Kids don't get excited about everything but when they do, encourage them and look for opportunities to help them stay excited. So today, promote zest and passion in your kids, and in YOU as well and Live Inspired Now!


Monday, March 25, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Social Intelligence

Albert Einstein said that "Information is not knowledge." We can learn tons of information, read thousands of books, study for countless hours, but if we cannot interact on a social level then what good is all that information? Knowing how to interact with both individuals and groups of people is a valuable skill. Kids should learn to try and understand the feelings of others, how to resolve conflict, as well as how to act, react and interact with others. Make sure they have opportunities to spend time interacting with other people and that you are modeling good social interactions for them. Talk to them and explain human psychology as well. Help them understand why people say and do things and ask them how they might have responded differently. Teach them what is appropriate. Kids should learn manners and how to show respect to others. Explain the consequences of poor social skills. Let them know that people may choose not to be around them if they act inappropriately which is a real world consequence. Let's face it, the guy who is rude in his interview won't get the job, the "date" who goes on and on about past negative relationships won't get invited back out, and the friend who talks bad about everyone else is likely to end up friendless.
So today, if you haven't, start teaching your children about social intelligence. Help them to have healthy interactions with others so they won't grow up feeling isolated or lonely. Have healthy relationships with kind people and model good social interactions. Raise socially and emotionally healthy children because relationships are the most important things we have in life and Live Inspired Now!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Self-Control

Lao Tzu said "He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still." Teaching kids self control is probably one of the most valuable character traits a person can learn. Self control is what keeps kids from participating in risky or dangerous behavior, it promotes confidence and instills a sense of security with the knowing that they are in control. Kids can learn self control through sports, karate or similar disciplines and by teaching them to wait or earn things. A common cultural norm these days is to give children everything. It may feel good to give lots of things to your children however it prevents them from learning to appreciate anticipation and the value of earning. When my kids were young, we had a "puffy jar." The puffy jar was a large vase and when the kids did something extra special they would get a puffy (cotton ball) to add to the jar. When the jar was full, we would do something special like go to the movies or go buy a new toy or something fun. The puffy jar taught them that they could earn things, they learned how much fun it was to anticipate, and they learned self control because they knew the only way to get the treat was to fill the puffy jar rather than begging, nagging or tantrums.
There are many different ways to instill self control but by far the most effective way is to model it. Kids won't always listen but they will always watch what you do and imitate it. So today, think about how you can give your kids the gift of self control, model good habits, and Live Inspired Now.


Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Curiosity

Wisdom begins in wonder and we all start out curious. Look at the way babies and young people discover their world. They try to put everything in their mouths, they hear everything, and they ask millions of questions. Every parent has gone through the "why" phase with their child at some point. Kids are so curious and that is what helps them discover new things, learn and become creative. It is our role as parents to encourage curiosity and allow kids permission to discover their world. When kids take an interest in discovering new things, they create a blue print for their life. They are figuring out what they like and dislike, they are gaining perspective, they are learning how things work, they are playing creatively, finding new purposes for things, and learning valuable skills that will serve them well in adulthood. 
Sometimes parents will discourage kids from experimenting because the parent already knows the outcome but that won't help the child learn. Or the parent may impose limits on the child because they lacked opportunities. Allow the child to try things and discover their potential. For example: My daughter Carrie used to love to do "science experiments." She once put just about everything she could get her hands on into the freezer to see if it would actually freeze. I could have just told her what would happen but that would not have created an opportunity for her to learn on her own. Or I could have told her that because I did not excel at Math that she had no shot of becoming a scientist. This would not have served her and it would have created a false belief and limitation that could have instantly discouraged her from pursuing a passion. Because I fostered her curiosity though, her passion for experiments remained, science is her favorite class and she dreams of being an anthropologist. 
Curiosity creates an eagerness and passion for learning and discovering. So today, don't squash a child's curiosity, let the child discover something new on their own and Live Inspired Now!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Grit

Today I will be talking about "grit" which means finishing what one starts despite obstacles or challenges. This is something we could all work on, not just kids. Many people will quit something that becomes too challenging or only look for jobs/work that will be easy for them in order to ensure their success. Encourage kids to try new things and allow them to figure out solutions to problems. The "hover parent" has a hard time raising independent and resilient kids because they are constantly hovering and fixing the child's mistakes. Allow kids to mess things up so they can figure out how to fix things themselves. Trouble shooting is a highly desirable skill but if they are always rescued from their mistakes, they never learn how to problem solve. Since they wont be equipt to handle problems, they could come to really dislike challenges, and thus becoming under-achievers. 
Instill grit by allowing kids to do things on their own and without fixing their mistakes. You can let them know you are there if they need something but tell them "I know you can handle it!" Encourage them to show you what they have accomplished and praise their efforts. Let them know that failures are actually great rewards because they teach them valuable lessons and strengthen their skills.
So today, teach your kids about grit, allow them to do things and fix their own mistakes and Live Inspired Now!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Traits...

Education is important but it's not the ONLY thing that is important. What if you have a child that doesn't excel in school, does he feel like the "stupid" fish? Do you build up his strengths which enables confidence? Do you allow him to make mistakes without over-criticizing, which promotes curiosity? Children need to learn character traits even more than they need a traditional education. Studies have proven that children who have strong character traits are far more successful than those who are strong academically.  
There are the 7 character traits a child needs to succeed: Grit, Curiosity, Self-control, Social intelligence, Zest, Optimism, and Gratitude. I will be going over one of these each day for the next week until March 28th when I co-teach the "Strengthening your Family" teleconference. Please register today... the teleconference will enhance your parenting and strengthen your family immediately. 
All kids are smart and there is more than one way to measure their success! Please register for the upcoming workshop, learn how to raise amazing kids and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Be sure to bookmark this page and come back tomorrow for a post on the first character trait!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I promise....

Choose your words carefully and then live by them. Love is a beautiful gift, not a tool to get what you want. Don't offer love in order to get something in return and think about who you are giving your heart to. Be sure the person you offer your heart to is someone who will honor the commitment. Every person on earth is worthy and deserving of love BUT not every person is ready for the responsibility of commitment. Make sure the person you give your heart to, or who offers you their heart is on the same page as you. The promise of love that lasts is made with honor and integrity. So today, honor your promise to love or if you can't, be more careful about the next promise you make and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Be the observer....

Yesterday Thad and I arrived early for an appointment so we had the opportunity to sit and "people watch" for a bit. We people watch often but this time was particularly fun and I got thinking about being a life observer. So many people walk around and see only what effects them, they never observe the bigger picture. They never see how others are effected and they rarely observe the emotions of others. As we sat there watching an unhappy man give the cashier a hard time, I thought about how she must feel. Based on what I observed, everyone around this unhappy man was effected. The cashier seemed like she felt bullied, the man in line behind the unhappy man was getting frustrated and threw his hands up in the air. Even Thad was annoyed with the unhappy man as he kept staring at me. I wondered if the unhappy man had any consciousness at all or if he knew the way he was impacting others... he didn't seem to. I wondered what made him act this way. Was he hurting, did he feel rejected, did he just get some bad news, was he tired or overwhelmed, did he feel lonely or maybe he was just a participant and not an observer, never taking anyone else into account besides himself. I don't know the answers but I did enjoy observing without getting emotionally involved in the interactions. It is important to observe, to take a look at the bigger picture now and then, to realize we impact others and always to Live Inspired Now.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

You can learn HAPPINESS!

Happiness is a choice and that choice can take practice if you have spent your life as a pessimist or if you have been consistently choosing to be unhappy. Surround yourself with others who are HAPPY. Hire a coach who can support you through making better choices. I tell all of my clients that your new life takes practice but it gets easier with time. Just like quitting smoking, breaking negative thinking takes time and practice. Don't give up, don't give in, just do what you have to do! If you catch yourself falling back into old patterns of negativity or "depression," stop what you are doing, relax and give it some thought. You can either indulge in misery or make a choice to change your focus and put your energy into healthy and happy thoughts. The fastest way to happiness is to concentrate on the needs of others rather than always focusing on yourself. Practicing happiness is not something you do here and there, now and then. If you truly want to implement happiness as your default, then you need to practice and immerse yourself in it every moment. Claim your new happy life by settling for nothing less, take steps to remind yourself and encourage your journey and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shortcuts are not short....

The only shortcut is to stop taking shortcuts. People are always looking for the shortcut to success instead of being consistent with what works. You don't need another crazy diet fad, a get rich quick scheme, or a new marketing strategy... you need to stick with what works. Yes, it may take some time but consistent focus and action will always yield more results than cutting corners or trying to manipulate your way to success. Take your time, do what works, stick to it, and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life is simple...

Life is as simple as you will let it be. The most profound things in nature happen effortlessly, without worry, anxiety, stress or misery. Grass grows, trees reach out their branches, wind blows, snow falls, gardens grow, flowers bloom, seasons change, things are born, things die and it is all done without any thought or worry... it is just nature. We too are part of nature yet we complicate everything with thoughts about what will be or what has been. When we live in each individual moment and decide to truly enjoy it, we can live more effortlessly. If you can't enjoy the present moment you are in, you have two other choices. Either do something else or decide to accept it and know that it will not last.
Today, participate in the moment, forget the past and don't obsess on the future,  know that life will work out exactly how it is supposed to, and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Too many people are focused on what they are NOT getting in life rather than what they can give. If you give what you want, you will also receive it. I get calls/emails daily from people who want me to fix their significant other because he or she is not giving them what they need. Rarely does anyone ever call and say "I think I need to consider my partners needs more in order to strengthen our relationship, can you help me?" I have been talking about self awareness for a month now and I just can't state it enough. The more self aware you become, the more focused on giving and the more you can practice non reaction, the more fulfilling life will become. If you give love you feel love, if you give compassion you feel compassion, if you cause drama you feel drama and if you spread hate, you feel hatred. It really is that simple.
If your partner is acting badly, think about what they might be dealing with, try to be compassionate and keep your cool. (We are talking about normal upset or angry reactions, NOT abuse. Abuse is never OK.) Wait until the storm passes then talk to your partner, find out why they are upset and give them time to express their feelings without internalizing it, without assuming you are the cause. Most disagreements or misunderstandings stem from one person taking offense to their partners feelings. Feelings are valid but do some work and figure out where they actually come from rather than "blaming" everyone else. We all have the choice to act or react to every moment. Don't be so unaware that you just assume everything is about you. Focus on what you can give to your relationship and to the world while remembering to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is also doing good for others because you are setting a good example as well as making your environment more pleasant which makes it easier for you to continue to focus on doing more good! The cycle of altruism is one of the best gifts you could ever give to the world! So today, focus on giving what you want to the world, become more self aware and evolved and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Avoid the drama!

Drama is highly addictive and can cause real problems in life. Drama is the need to turn everything into something huge to satisfy a large need for significance. We all know the people who turn mole hills into mountains. The people who stub their toe and it turns into the worst injury in the history of the planet, in fact "the doctor has never ever seen anything like THIS!" Or how about the person who knows everything about everyone.... perhaps you contact this person when you have news to share because you know if you tell her that she will let EVERYONE else know! Or perhaps you know someone who start arguments in their relationship because they are bored or unhappy.
All of these things are "drama" and can become addictive. Drama can make you feel important because you are getting all the attention. It also gives you a sense of adventure because of the heightened emotions and adrenaline. It also makes you feel connected to the people who buy into your drama and you feel secure knowing that you have others hooked. This is enough to create a serious addiction to drama. It is no different than getting your needs met by a drug and it creates damaging habits that stimulate brain chemicals that create that "drama high."
Become self aware and stop the drama! Find ways to feel important through acts of kindness or altruism. Create bonds that don't rely on manipulation or drama to stay together. Build your relationship on peace, love and giving to one another. Meet your need for adventure through healthy activities like exercise, hiking or something fun that you don't often do. You could also kill your TV. Television, especially reality TV, is the king of drama. It sensationalizes life and gives you a false sense of reality which can make you feel like your own life is uneventful.
So think about it... do you know anyone who is addicted to drama? If you don't know anyone at all... is it you? Kill the drama, create real relationships and bonds, find healthier choices and Live Inspired Now!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shopping is not therapy......

Money is an awesome tool and it allows you to do many things that you can't do without it. However, it will never buy you feelings of happiness or put you at peace. Peace and happiness come purely from within. No amount of porcelain figurines, dainty rose teacups, sports memorabilia, primitives, or new furnishings will make you happy. Your happiness depends 100% upon your choice to be or not to be. Our country is inundated with plastic crap made in foreign countries that we think we need yet, people remain "unhappy." We all like to have nice things and there is nothing wrong with that but know that those things are just that... things. They possess no powers to make us happy, no peace making abilities and certainly don't do anything to change your station in life. Shopping is not therapeutic; there is nothing you can buy that will make you happy. So today, instead of shopping for more things to dust off, take a walk in nature, meditate, smile for no reason, focus on all the things you already possess within and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, March 8, 2013


Be content with what you have even if you want more. Contentment is about being happy where you are with what you have. Part of that contentment is being OK with where you are on your journey. You might want to go further or get more in life but be content with what you have at the moment. For example, I am working towards getting my book published as well as working on a few other new projects yet each day, I am completely content where I am in the process. Life is about the journey not just the destination. Be content along every step of the way, live and enjoy every moment! So today, don't focus as much on "getting" or "arriving," rather enjoy each and every moment and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healthy adult, healthy child...

The most important thing you can ever have as a parent is a good relationship with your child. Talk to them, kick their butts when they need it, laugh with them, ground them, eat dinner with them, listen to them, encourage them, smile at them, compliment their art and craft creations, allow them to be open and honest and you do the same, set boundaries, be a good example, get to know their friends, celebrate their accomplishments, reward their kindness, act goofy together, tell them you love them, hug them before they leave each day, check up on them, watch their games, empower them to make good choices, give them responsibilities, tell them they are beautiful/handsome, but most of all, always be present and available. When all is said and done... all that really matters is that you have a relationship with your child and that relationship lasts into adulthood. Being a parent is not easy and often our kids don't like our decisions but in the long run they know you are just looking out for their best interest. My daughter Mattie told me yesterday that she was glad she didn't have facebook or a cell phone anymore because it forced to her to not participate in the teenage drama that all girls her age are drawn in to. It gives her an "out" from the drama and she can "blame" us for it although she is actually grateful. Kids need boundaries and even if they don't seem to appreciate them, they do, because it takes a great deal of pressure off of them. Don't be afraid to make the tough parenting decisions, to dish out consequences for bad behavior, or to get your child help if he or she needs it. Parenting is challenging but the reward is a healthy adult that brings grand babies or even grand fur babies home to visit. :) So today, talk to your children, you didn't raise them to ignore them, spend some quality time, be the example of a healthy, happy adult and Live Inspired Now!

PS: If you need help in your family with a challenging relationship, please do not wait... contact me today for help.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rock bottom....

Don't be afraid of feeling lost or down. Rock bottom is most often the starting point to awesomeness! Nobody ever makes changes when things are OK or when you are not in crisis even though you may feel uninspired or stuck in the mundane. People make changes when things "get bad" or when they get to a point where they say "I can't stand it anymore... things need to change now!!!"
Sometimes, hitting rock bottom is a gift, it gives you the opportunity to recreate your life the way you want it! Take advantage of it today! Recreate your life, learn from the lessons of hardship, start over with better choices and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Need help? Contact me today if you are ready to recreate your awesome life!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talk to your kid!

Every painful emotion that is not faced in childhood can become a huge problem in adulthood. It either causes a child to build a wall or to suppress emotions which create painful scars that are stimulated by events throughout the rest of a child's life. A child living in a home where the parents fight and are unhappy shows the same symptoms of stress and trauma as a child who was raised in a war torn nation. The best thing you can do for a child like this is to encourage them to discharge their feelings, otherwise those feelings become the basis for their choices later in life. They may become emotionally unavailable, abusive, victims of abuse, or even lonely because the walls erected prevent them from getting close to anyone. Be there for a child, listen to them, and allow them to say whatever it is they need to say. Encourage them to be open and honest and say even the "scary things." This amount of honesty will create a deeper bond between you but it will also validate the child's feelings so that they can move past them. Some children may be ashamed of their feelings but letting them know that it is OK to have emotions and to talk about how they feel can put them at ease. Most people are more afraid of the feelings they have MORE than what actually created the feelings.
So today, start building a habit of openness with your child, encourage honest communication, raise kids that become healthy adults, and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Treat yourself!!!

Do something nice for yourself today! We should treat ourselves much better than we often do. We need to take time to "treat" ourselves. That may mean taking a break to relax, getting a massage, taking a day off, stopping for a sweet treat or drink, taking a walk outdoors, or maybe for you it means saying something nice to yourself. Today, do something kind for yourself, give yourself a treat and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

How do YOU handle change?

How do YOU get into the water? Do you take the plunge and dive right in? Do you dip your big toe in and complain about how cold it is? Do you get only your lower half in and walk around on tip toes shivering? Do you jump in like a cannon ball trying to make the biggest splash? Do you try to dive in with the perfect form of an Olympic diver and then judge your dive? Or do you just sit on the side and watch everyone else having fun?
Does the way you get into the water reflect the way you approach life? Are you willing to jump right into new things? Do you resist change and complain about it? Do you do things halfway then wonder why they don't work? Do you need to let everyone know what you are doing and get their attention? Do you aim to be perfect and constantly judge yourself? Do you refuse to get involved in anything new?
The way you get into the water may not be the same way you approach life but if it is.... are you OK with it? Change is a part of life, think about how you handle it and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Get HIGH... naturally......

I love this image! I love having a visual of our brain chemicals and how we can take charge of our own feelings of happiness, love and over all well being. Here are some ways to boost the good chemicals!

Dopamine: Neurotransmitter that increases feelings of pleasure.
How to get more: Eat healthy, increase antioxidants (berries, green tea, plums, red grapes, beans and more,) exercise, get enough sleep nightly and take healthy supplements. 

Serotonin: Neurotransmitter that increases feelings of well being and happiness.
How to get more: Eat foods rich in tryptophan (eggs, soybeans, salmon, tuna, shrimp, turkey, and more,) exercise, get plenty of sunlight or full spectrum light bulbs to substitute, take healthy supplements.

Oxytocin: Hormone released that creates bonding; nicknamed "the love hormone."
How to get more: Hugs, physical touch, child birth, sex/orgasm, watch a "tear jerker," adventures with your partner, work out together, social media interactions, playing and snuggling with your pet.

YOU have the power to make yourself feel good naturally! If you would like more information, please register for the Pathways to a Stress-Free Life and Live Inspired Now!