Friday, August 31, 2012

Get Clean by Jeff Whittaker

Asthma, Allergies, Hormones, Mood swings… Does someone you know suffer or experience these things on a regular basis. It's most likely a result of chemicals in your home. Now not all chemicals are bad and often people interchange the word toxic and chemicals all the time. What we are talking about are simple cleaners that many people use each day, products like window cleaner, general purpose cleaner, tub and tile cleaner, laundry products. Many of these cleaners contain ingredients that are linked not only to asthma and allergies, but also some cancers, learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD and other concerns parents have today. The good news is there are products out there that you can not only eliminate the exposure to these toxins/chemicals but also save money. The product that I have been using for over 30 years is Basic H, originally introduced in 1960, it was one of the worlds first biodegradable cleaners. In fact if you compare the cost of a window cleaner, general purpose cleaner and degreaser, the cost would be over $10.00… The cost for those three cleaners using Basic H is less than $0.25. To learn more about which cleaners to avoid and how to make your home safer contact us or visit out website at:

Jeffrey Whittaker

The Intention Governs the Attention

We’ve all heard that setting goals is important. We’ve heard that successful people not only set goals, but that they write them down, and scientific research has demonstrated a direct correlation between a person’s position in life; their finances, their relationships, and their health, and whether or not they have goals, whether or not those goals are written down, and how often those goals are reviewed and meditated upon. But why is this so important? More specifically, why does it work?
It is important and it works because goals set our intentions and our intentions govern our attention. In order for us to accomplish anything in life, we must control our minds, our thoughts, and we control our minds through our attention or, to put it another way, we must be consciously aware of what we are thinking because thoughts ultimately lead to our actions, and our actions produce the results we experience.
If you are unsatisfied with the results you are experiencing now, check your intentions in that area of your life. If those intentions are not well defined, if you don’t have clear goals there, take the opportunity, right now, to examine that area more closely and develop a more defined objective. Intention governs attention and attention focuses your power to control your experience.

Gary Drumm
Leadership Coach
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Watch for Gary's book, “The 7 Laws of Intention” coming soon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Beautiful Simplicity by Diana M. Joice

Every time I walk down the street so many of you want to talk to me. Yet you don’t have the courage to do so. And if you do, you are so extremely fearful, that I would like to run away. It scares the crap out of me. How could I trust someone who’s uncomfortable with his own emotions? 

It’s one thing to feel fear. But it’s another to act upon it. In fact, that fear is your stimulant for courage. Without it, conquering wouldn’t be the same and I doubt that it would even exist.
You might think you have to be fearless, you might think you have to be tough, while none of it is true. The secret lies within your awareness of how and what you feel about any given moment. To become aware of your vulnerability is the key. There’s no need to be tough, but being powerful within your moments, intense and alive. To live with a passion when being scared, even when being threatened. The moment you own your vulnerability, you have yet another tool to acknowledge what needs to be done. It works like a handbook. You see what you feel and know instantly what you have to do to make it better. For you. Through you. And for everyone else involved.
Owning your vulnerability therefore is the key to real power, to manhood, to your strength. My plead to you is to consider the possibility of an amazing life, with the abundance of your emotions, your personality, your strength as a man. Us women are waiting for it.

Diana M. Joice
Relationship Coach
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Have you ever noticed that people aren't afraid to admit that they're perfectionists? Oh sure, they will sound guilty, "It's terrible, I am such a perfectionist" but they aren't really. People don't feel bad telling others that "Sally is a perfectionist." In fact, it's meant as a compliment! It's like telling someone their too skinny. Would you be OK if you heard someone called you a skinny bitch behind your back? (love that book BTW) Or, if someone said: "OMG, Jane has the perfect marriage, perfect children blah blah blah... That's OK, just please, don't say I'm flawed, fat and messy right? But, wait. Is implying that someone is a "Stepford" wife with a "Stepford" life really a great compliment? If you think YES please go watch the movie.
Seriously? I have never considered myself a perfectionist, because, believe me I know some pretty serious ones and that ain't me! But, what if I took a closer more honest look....Why do I put off writing blogs? Why haven't I started creating my workbook? I think: "Oh, I have to know this or do that first." Here's my best one: "I need to wait for warmer weather, because I'll be much more creative when I can sit outside and write!" Really? Procrastination is a hallmark sign of perfectionism! It whispers loudly: "If you can't do it perfectly, Peg, don't do it." What if they don't get it? What if they don't like it?"
Oh, and what about your quest for the perfect anti-wrinkle concoction or ultimate diet? Wait, sorry, that's me, not you. (I believe I now have the answer BTW!) OK, OK, I'm not saying I'm not going to fight the good fight when it comes to the anti-aging thing. I do have a good time with all that girl stuff! But, truth be told, (read the next line slowly and mindfully) perfectionism is THE LOWEST standard to have because it's not humanly possible. It's an old cliche' "nobodies perfect." Isn't that annoying? Why? Because we know it's true, but we don't want to accept it. It reaches the depths of our two universal human fears that we all share: the fear of not being loved and the fear of not being enough.
So please, excuse me while I get ready to go to yoga where I will find peace within. Within, where I do not hide my beautiful lines of wisdom, nor my little tummy pooch that my husband, lucky for me, finds sexy. (my yoga teacher fondly calls hers a food baby; love that!) Within, where I commune with God and find gratitude for all in my life. Within, where I understand that I am enough. Within, where real perfection exists in us all. Namaste, beautiful perfect souls......
for tomorrow......
I will enjoy a day with mom with a glass of wine and a pampering pedicure. Saturday, a day at Kim's Creations where I will receive a glorious red mane of curls that seem to magically vanish the years away (Thanks Kim!) Later, I will laboriously clean my office preparing for a fun champagne on ice jewelry party. OK, you know what? I don't call my biz live perfectly, but I do call it Live More! So, I encourage you, no I dare you, to move from the dark world of perfectionism and strive UP! Upward reaching toward the edge of excellence instead of falling down, down to the lowly curb of perfectionism. Feel the difference! We live, We learn, We grow. I am too.
"Come to the edge, he said. They said; we are afraid. Come to the edge he said. He pushed them...and they flew."
I would love to hear from you! How would your life be different if you got off the curb?

Peg Haust-Arliss, LCSW-R
LIVE MORE! Mind Body and Soul
Your Life At It's Best
Live More Life Coaching

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is Happiness? by Dale Acciavatti

What is happiness? And where do you find it? Everyone's looking for it. Everyone wants it. Yet so many people feel that something has to happen before they can be truly happy. Some people feel that if they got married they would be happy. Others feel that they will be happy when they get a better job. While others say they wont be happy until they have millions of dollars in their bank account. Still other people feel that having a successful career would make them happy. Isn't it interesting though that there are people with all of these things who are not very happy? And there are also some people with few or none of these things that are extremely happy. Some people have next to nothing and yet somehow they find joy in their lives. Why is that? What if happiness has nothing to do with outside circumstances? What if happiness is really a personal choice that we make? What if we can make a decision to be happy now without waiting for our circumstances to change? What if happiness is simply a state of mind? Abraham Lincoln once said that: "People are as happy as they make up their minds to be." William R. Inge said: "On the whole, the happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so." And Gerald Jampolsky exclaimed: How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now, and there will never be a time when it is not now." So maybe, just maybe we don't have to wait to be happy. Maybe we can just be happy right now. It's our choice.

Dale Acciavatti
Certified in LOA and certified in Sports nutrition
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Social Experiments

I watched the last Batman movie and it was great. I'm excited about watching this one. As I walk towards the theater, I remind myself that I'm doing yet another social experiment. I see her. She's about to become part of my experiment. She has popcorn in her hand and I tell my friend "watch this"... "Hey ma'am, I'm really hungry, please give me some of your popcorn". She stops, looks at me for a second... then she smiles and says "sure". Great. This is real world information. My latest social experiment deals with testing my assumptions about what people will or will not do and how they'll respond to various wacky request. It's fun and it's eye opening. People are generally so cool. At least that's what my real world experiments has shown me:)

Martin Lanzas
Agent of Change and NLP Practitioner

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Put Yourself on the List by Gail Dixon

Are you a list maker? I know I am! Making lists is my way of bringing a bit of order to the chaos of everyday life. Whether paper or electronic, our lists can reveal a lot about us --- what we value, what we avoid, what we accomplish and what we have left to do. Things to do, places to go, people to see….all of these things end up on our lists one way or another. But frequently, there is a missing piece, something that can make the other things on the list either much easier or much harder. What is often missing is taking care of ourselves. While it should go without saying, the truth is that many of us have focused so much on others and on the external demands of our lives that there is precious little time or energy left by the time we take a look at our own needs. There’s an solution (or maybe an app) for that – put yourself on the list! And put yourself near the top – not after everything else, but because of everything else. I promise you, everything else will be easier if you have taken care of yourself first. Go ahead and give it a try. Put yourself on the list so that you can Live Inspired Now!

Gail Dixon

Friday, August 24, 2012

The power of words by Dale Acciavatti

Were you ever having a really bad day and then had someone say something really nice to you that got you through the rest of the day with a big smile on your face? Have you ever experienced that? Maybe what they said wasn't earth shattering and maybe they didn't know what you were going through, but, it was just what you needed to hear at that particular time. Maybe you were feeling down about yourself and they reminded you of how special you really are. Maybe it was even years ago, but, you still remember what they said. It still lingers with you. Why even now you still draw strength from it when you need to remind yourself of how special you really are. Maybe what they said helped you so much that you mentioned it to them later. Maybe you told them how what they said got you through a very tough time in your life. And maybe they seemed surprised that what they said had such an impact on you. Yet they were happy that they could help. Isn't it possible that the kind words that we say to someone else could have the same effect on them? None of us really knows what other people are going through. There are people who may struggling in quiet desperation that we are unaware of. And yet, just a few kind words might get them through the day. Or the week. Or maybe even the month. Who really knows? There is great power in our words. So do we tell people how much we appreciate them when we get a chance to? It can really make a difference in some one's life. It may be just what they need to hear at that very moment. Who really knows? But, next time you are thinking of saying something nice to someone you know, but, hesitate to, just think about those times that someone said something nice to you and it helped you get through a difficult time in your life. You just never know how much a few kind words can lift someone up. Or as it says in Proverbs 25: 11......"Like golden apples in silver settings, so is a word spoken at the right time." Yes, our words have great power.
Dale Acciavatti
Certified in LOA and certified in Sports nutrition
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Want more Give more......

I know I talk about giving all the time and I am going to mention it yet again!!! People ask me "how do you live in abundance?" To which I reply "by giving what you want!" So if you want money, don't horde it, be more liberal about giving it. If you want love, give love to everyone and anyone, especially people you don't like. If you want more joy, spread more joy to others! Whatever you want more of, give more of! Kinda sounds counter intuitive I know, but trust me it works. Thad and I are givers, we give time, money, resources, love, support, guidance, friendship and whatever else we can offer. You can give smiles, hugs, encouragement, inspiration, money, love, passion, enthusiasm, gift cards, school supplies, warm clothes, blankets, organs, hair, prayers, meditations and sooooo much more! When you give abundantly and focus only on what you can offer rather than what you need or are lacking, your life becomes overwhelmingly abundant! So today, think about what you have to give, give it freely, accept a life of abundance and Live Inspired Now!

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact me about my coaching options!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help a student in need...

School is almost here and many kids will go to school without the supplies they need. There are lots of ways to donate school supplies but my favorite is to just buy them and drop them at the school. You can also send them in with your kids and let them know that we are sending in all the extras for other kids who might not have what they need. That is a good opportunity for the kids to make a contribution and learn the gift of giving. So however you do it, buy a bunch of school supplies and donate them to under privileged children and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I observed about Montana...

Life is about discovery! Be a conscientious observer of life and your surroundings. When Thad and I were in Montana, I discovered so many things, both serious and some really wacky but I realized that it is fun to make clear observations and really understand the environment around you. So these are a few of our observations from our 10 day honeymoon in Montana:

1 I love huckleberry pie
2 Black bears love peanut butter
3 Vortex's make me vomit
4 It is totally fun to heckle goats
5 Mountain goats are really brave
6 Trains in MT look just like trains in NY
7 I want to start collecting meditating frog statues
8 Bear spray is really expensive
9 Mosquito's are a much bigger threat than bears and the store won't give you a refund on unused bear spray
10 At 5050 feet, roads are still snowy and impassible in June
11 Wrong turns take way longer to undo in MT
12 Homeless rams know how to panhandle tourists for food
13 It would be nice to have a muscle on the back of my head that allowed my hair to swat flies
14 There are still payphones in MT and many places with NO cell service
15 The people in MT think they are the only ones who have huckleberries

Make a list of your discoveries the next time you experience something new or go exploring and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Touch me...

Touch is so important, every human on earth needs to be touched, to have a sense of closeness and to stimulate the tactile sense. Scientists have found that regular physical touching can lower stress, high blood pressure and cortisol as well as boost the immune system! There is also the research from the 40's that proved when infants are held and cuddled they thrive but when they were in an over crowded orphanage and didn't get picked up and held, they often died.
Touch comes in many forms; massage, hugs, intimacy with a partner, snuggling, holding hands, foot rubs or even exploring your own body. So today, touch your partner, hug or snuggle your kids, get a massage or just rub you own feet, enjoy the tactile sensation and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bond as a family!

Last night I hosted a Women's Empowerment Workshop with a firewalk at my home. It was amazing and my 2 older girls (Mattie 14, Madison 17) participated in the workshop. They broke boards with their hands, snapped arrows with their necks, they did a trust fall where they fell off of a table into the safe arms of the group and then walked on fire! My amazing husband Thad was a "crew member," he ran the music and set everything up. My son Ethan was also crew, he helped pass out materials and showed people where the bathroom was.
The girls were so beyond proud of themselves for doing the challenges! They had a whole new perspective on life after the workshop! They were full of love and gratitude and very empowered! We all really bonded even more as a family. We all supported and encouraged one another through really scary challenges which is always good for team building. It was a truly amazing night!! I would suggest to everyone that they engage in activities that can create even stronger family bonds. Go zip lining together or do a firewalk, or even go on a long bike excursion, but spend time doing things together. Things that you have to encourage one another to get through and spend time caring for each other. So today, find a family bonding activity to engage in and Live Inspired Now!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keep an open mind... NOT just for YOUR ideas...

Keep an open mind... not just for ideas that coincide with your own. An open mind means that you listen to everyone without trying to convince people that they are wrong because you don't agree with them. It is fine to disagree with people but that doesn't mean you have to always make them see your way of thinking. Haven't we all thought something and years later wondered how we could have thought or believed that way? I know I have. That is one reason I always keep an open mind, I take what I like and leave the rest. So today, be open to new ideas or perspectives, take them or leave them but don't try and mold everyone to fit your way of thinking and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Down the rabbit hole we go......

This morning when I woke up I was thinking about a woman who was a potential client. I didn't take her on as a client because she didn't really want help. She wanted to hold on to her "mental illness" with full force because it gave her comfort. It allowed her to have an excuse as to why she could not move forward, as to why she didn't have to do things that scared her and as to why all her relationships fail, it completely lets her off the hook. I was thinking about her and wondering if she has not been "diagnosed" with said illness, would she really hold on to it as much. Like did people have certain diseases before they existed? If we never knew about depression, would so many people "suffer" from it or would people just have crappy days, sometimes crappy periods but then move on? I have heard that there are no cases of "stuttering" in the Native American population because there is no word or translation for "stutter." So if it doesn't exist, how can anyone suffer from it?
I think my point today is that when we label things, we create something, we give something credibility and weight so we ought to be very cautious about how we label things or people. More people suffer from more illness, mental illness and disease than ever before. This is in today's world where we have more cures, medicines, doctors, treatments, counseling, therapy and you name it. Maybe the problem is that we have too many people telling us that we have something WRONG with us and not enough of us taking responsibility for our own health and wellness. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, avoid negative influences, do random acts of kindness, help others, practice politeness, move more than you sit, do stuff, spend time with family and friends, laugh, find your purpose, move toward your dreams, do stuff that scares you, take risks sometimes, LOVE and Live Inspired Now.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

LOVE who you are!

My dear friends, you are all beautiful! Your body was designed to carry your true essence, your inner beauty, your light, your love and kindness, your thoughts and desires, your true authentic self. The body has been entrusted with so much and it is beautiful. With all its bumps, curves and scars, it is a true work of art. If you don't love your body, how can anyone else? It is a poor message to send to others, especially our kids if we are constantly ridiculing our body. Love who you are, love what you look like, appreciate the body that holds so much beauty inside and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tragedy or Comedy....

Is you life a tragedy or a comedy... only YOU can decide! In most other countries, being "poor" means you literally don't get to eat but here in America, our "poor" are often over weight and carrying cell phones. It is all about perspective. Will you look at your life and circumstances and find the humor or cry about them and choose to live in despair? The other day for example, I went to my local grocery store which has very narrow parking spaces. I was in the hot pink convertible and when I was trying to shimmy out of the car, the heel of my shoe caught my pants and I fell out of the car and onto the hot pavement. It was so embarrassing and I tweaked my already torn rotator cuff. For a moment, I thought about how this sucked and I was embarrassed and how this day seemed to be taking a turn for the worse.... thank goodness is was only a quick fleeting thought before I decided to laugh at the situation! I could have really felt bad for myself and looked at all the negatives but I didn't. I decided that at least I was falling out of a cool pink convertible and it was pretty funny! I picked myself up and literally held my head up high, smiled a huge smile, giggled to myself and sauntered into the store! Don't decide that things in life are tragedies when there are so many other options! Choose to laugh, or find the positive in every situation, make life a comedy NOT a tragedy and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Have fun at an amusement park!!!

One of my favorite summer time activities is surprising the kids and taking them to the amusement park! Yesterday, we told the kids to get ready, wear swim suits and we headed out to Sea Breeze water park. Water slides, roller coasters and even a trampoline/gymnastics show that was really good; we all had so much fun! So today, or at least soon, take a day off and visit an amusement park near you and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meteor Shower!!

Last night Thad and I went out and laid in the trampoline and watched the meteor shower! It was awesome... we saw so many shooting stars that we lost count! They were so beautiful and it was super romantic. Tonight is your last night to see the amazing show that the Universe puts on so be sure to go out and watch the night sky. Last night we went out around 9pm but it wasn't dark enough yet so we set an alarm and woke up at 1:00am and went back out. So tonight watch the meteor shower and Live Inspired Now!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wear clothes that fit!

Did you know that wearing clothing that is too small actually makes you look bigger. When you have a muffin top hanging over your jeans or ripples showing through your skin tight shirt, it makes you appear bigger than you are. If you wear clothes that fit properly, you look more pulled together and well kept. So today, wear clothes that fit properly, if you are over weight it will make you look as if you lost 10 pounds and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Teach people what you will accept....

You teach people how to treat you by what you accept. If you are upset about the way someone is treating you, you have the power to change it by communicating, seeking help, setting new boundaries or even leaving if the situation is abusive. We must be responsible for what we tolerate, we are not helpless victims put here to endure abuse or mistreatment. We are responsible for our decisions, choices and life that we create. If you don't like the way it is going, create something new, change the people you are spending your time with and set a new standard for what you will accept for your life. Today, teach the people around you that you are a person full of love and light and worthy of all the Universe has to offer by disengaging in treatment that you find unacceptable and Live Inspired Now!

PS... if you have children, the relationships they watch teach them how to act as well.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make your OWN choices!!!

I am all for letting the Universe guide me and going with the flow but sometimes you have to engage in things that you don't want to deal with. Doing nothing is a choice too, it's a choice to allow things to remain the way they are without intervening. Sometimes we have to do something otherwise other people make our decisions for us. If you are in a bad relationship, or dangerous situation, doing nothing may actually make it worse. Denial isn't going with the flow, it's ignoring the flow. Don't let fear cripple your ability to make choices for yourself that could enhance your life. Life is scary sometimes but you can take control of yourself, make decisions to better your circumstances and move forward away from the things holding you back... you CAN!! So today, think about what decisions or choices you are NOT making, decide to do something, be proactive in your own life and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Listen without judgement...

When a friend reaches out to talk or vent about a challenging life situation, be a good listener by not offering judgements on their situation. The last thing a hurting friend needs is for their listener to insult, judge or pull and "I told you so." Often clients will tell me that I am the ONLY one they feel they can talk to because when they talk about their relationships, their friends and family take to name calling and insulting the spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend or even their child that they are having the issues with. When a friend trusts you enough to confide, don't judge the situation or the participants. They may just be venting and will feel better after and go back to dealing with the situation. If they go back to it with the added baggage of their friends judgements in the back of their mind, it will make it harder for them to develop useful solutions. So today, be a good listener and JUST listen, don't judge or name call, be a great friend and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Put your best foot forward...

The very first time you meet someone, you automatically begin to judge whether or not this is a person who you should give your time to. It is always about appearance in the first few moments because that is all a person has to go on. I know we are told not to judge a book by its cover but instinctively we do at first, that is not to say we won't give someone a chance even if we don't like what we see. So put your best foot forward no matter what you are doing.
Since finishing my book, I have learned that the way I present my book is far more important than what is actually in it! Literary agents and publishers want a total package in a pretty wrapper. They want to know that the book will SELL, not change the world.
Substance will follow but start with your personal best. People will either like you or not, but it demonstrates you have taken the time to show that you can be professional. So today, start with your best foot forward and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Clean your mess!!

Personally I find it difficult to feel inspired amongst a huge cluttered mess! I like to keep things tidy, especially my office! Each day before I start working, I go through my paperwork, do what I can and file the rest, organize my desk and put everything in it's place, then I can get started working. Visual clutter or messes can give you a sense of disarray and feelings of being overwhelmed. It is also just nice to know where everything is, a messy space makes it so difficult to locate things. So today, tidy up, keep a clean house or work space and Live Inspired Now!

Thanks Jill for the INSPIRATION!! ;)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Get your energy aligned!

I had a Reiki treatment the other day and it felt really great! Reiki is the ancient Japanese technique for relaxation, stress relief and healing using energy. It aligns your chakras (energy centers) and promotes well being. Like everything, we are all made up of energy and even that needs to be taken care of! We need to make sure we are engaging in positive things and avoiding negative energy as much as possible. Putting good things into our body and minds ensures that we remain healthy and happy and promotes our own well being. So today, check out Reiki, there is a ton of info online about it. Schedule your own Reiki treatment and get your energy in alignment and Live Inspired Now!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stop fighting!

I see people fighting this and fighting that but it doesn't work. You can't fight against something you want to stop because then you are still giving the problem attention, negative attention. If you want to stop something or you don't agree with something, ignore it and do what you agree with. I see people all the time on facebook especially going out of their way to publicly disagree with other peoples posts or events. If you don't want to go to an event, just decline your invitation. If you disagree with someones post, just ignore it. If you are truly offended by someone, just talk to them privately. By calling everyone out all the time and fighting against things, you are serving your own ego and adding to the problem of a world full of people who want to fight against everything. Put your attention to things that will uplift people, inspire people, help people and ignore that which you don't like and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Do what you can....

Be comfortable with all you can do because that is all you can do! I often think, I should do more or I wish I could do more but we can only do what we can do. We have to remember that we can't save, protect, teach, or guide everyone at all times even though we may try. So today, do what you can, then take a deep breath and let the rest go and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hardship makes us stronger!

It seems like all I hear anyone talking about lately is how we should get this or that for free, we should never have to work or pay for so and so and how we as humans are entitled to have it all. Where does it state that? I would never wish hardship on anyone, I would love the entire world to be rainbows and sunshine for all but the fact is, it isn't and it is our hardships that mold us into who we are. Like a piece of coal that has endured extreme pressure for years and years only to be discovered then taken and painstakingly cut and chiseled until finally... a diamond.
Those of us who persevere through the stress and strain of hardship or challenges and keep working toward creating ourselves, it is WE that emerge like diamonds on the other side. I am glad that I had to work for what I have, I am grateful for the struggles that I learned to get through, I am positively joyous that I learned how to take care of myself and my family. It is those lessons that set us apart from ordinary. So today, be a diamond, shine brightly and be grateful for the pressure that molded you into something so brilliant, shine that light for others as an example and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Stop running!

My daughter Mattie says to me yesterday, "Why do the chickens always chase me when I go out to feed them?" To which I replied "Because you always run. Stop running and they can't chase you!"
This statement got me thinking about how many of us run from things. We run from conflict, confrontation, things we are afraid of, challenges or things we just don't want to deal with. When we stop running from things, we take the power away from them and bring it back to us and then we can finally face our fear. Sometimes you can ignore things and they will work themselves out, but often, running from things prolongs the inevitable. Stop running, turn around and look that "fear, confrontation, or challenge" square in the eye and say I am not going to run anymore! I will deal with this and get it out of my life so it's not looming over my head, always haunting me and making me want to flee. Today, take back control of yourself, stop running and start facing and Live Inspired Now!

PS... when you stop running from the chickens, they just stand there and look at you! lol. (we have no roosters, just hens!)