Friday, May 31, 2013

Raise a child you will be proud of!

If you want to raise kids that you can be proud of, be a parent that they can be proud of. I see parents who insult or call their children names and then wonder why the kids are mean. Or parents who get drunk or high with the kids around and then wonder why their kids become addicts. Kids watch you, they do what you do and repeat what you say. They see the choices you make and will act the way you do. If you are in a volatile or abusive relationship, they are at a much higher risk for doing the same. They could either become an abuser or the abused. Kids see how you react to things. If you fly off the handle and get angry all the time, they learn anger which becomes their default reaction, and they are likely to fear you. If you don't treat others kindly or with respect, it is doubtful that your kids will, and they are likely to get in trouble at school for being disrespectful. If you create chaos or gossip, don't be surprised when your children are constantly in the middle of whatever the current drama is.
In contrast... when your children see you doing acts of kindness, helping others, speaking highly of people, acting appropriately, reacting to challenges with compassion, and making good choices, don't be surprised when your kids do the same! Kids will always push some boundaries and get in trouble sometimes, but give them the best possible start by modeling good behavior. Children are our reflections, good and bad, so have high standards for yourself. Model self respect, dignity, kindness, confidence, altruism, healthy choices, and healthy relationships, and let your kids know that you want the best for them as well. It's not always easy to parent but your best results come when you set a highly positive and healthy standard for your family. Make your actions, reactions, and interactions healthy and happy and Live Inspired Now!

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