Thursday, May 16, 2013

Create Healthy Boundaries and Get Your Life Back!!!

Are you sick and tired of getting kicked around emotionally? Learn to create clear boundaries and take your life back! Join me today with my coach friends Jodi and Joanne for a fun talk that will help you find solutions to the following questions:

Do you have a tough time with boundaries?
Do you know when to say NO?
Do you know where to draw the line with kids?
Do you have a friendship that goes only one way; you give they take?
Do you overextend yourself?
Do you have lots of needy people in your life?
Are you a wishy washy parent?

Learn how to go from HOT MESS to HOT in one FREE 45 minute talk today at 11:00am eastern time! Here is the link to a happier life:
Join us and Live Inspired Now! 

PS: If you can't make the broadcast but would like to get your life back, contact me today!

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