Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remind your lover......

Whenever Thad goes away for business, we always write one another love letters. In the beginning of our relationship, before we lived together, we wrote love letters each night. It was a beautiful way to express our love and gratitude for one another and to keep our relationship as our top priority. Make time each day to express your love to one another. People get so caught up in the day to day routine that they often just forget to prioritize their lover. Relationships are whats truly important in life, don't put them second, third or even worse... last. If you are not happy with your partner, spouse, or lover, it makes everything else feel bad too. How AMAZING would you feel to receive a heartfelt love letter from your significant other? Why not write one to them and make them feel amazing too! It has to start somewhere.... so today, write a love letter to your partner. Express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.... be as mushy as you can! Put it on paper, in an email or even a text, it doesn't have to be long... but let your loved one know how special they are! See how if effects your relationship when you continue to let the other person know how special they are to you!
Ohhh..... try sticking a love letter in your partners pant pocket or lunch bag to find later! FUN! I try to hide little love reminders all over for Thad to find. He has them hanging in his office, the home office, next to his side of the bed, in his truck and other places as well! I always want my man to be reminded of my love and devotion for him, and let him know that HE is the most important thing in my entire life! He does the same for me! So don't forget to write your love letters today... be romantic, open your heart, have fun with it and Live Inspired Now!

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