Sunday, May 5, 2013

What did he just whisper in your ear???

There is something romantic about things whispered softly in your ear. The other night, Thad and I were settling in for the evening. We had spent the entire day working hard cleaning, painting, and removing carpets at the new house and we were both exhausted. We have no furniture in the new house yet so we just have a mattress on the floor but we have a spectacular view! So from our mattress we laid there and watched the stars and listened to the water and peepers. Just as I was half way between consciousness and sleep, Thad whispered something really sweet in my ear! It was so romantic and sweet and created a magic moment that I will never forget! It doesn't have to be any specific time of day, but today, whisper something really touching in your lovers ear. Go with something really mushy and sweet and see how your lover responds. Loving whispers go straight to the heart. Speak to your lovers heart, make them feel so completely important and love and Live Inspired Now!

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