Friday, May 31, 2013

Raise a child you will be proud of!

If you want to raise kids that you can be proud of, be a parent that they can be proud of. I see parents who insult or call their children names and then wonder why the kids are mean. Or parents who get drunk or high with the kids around and then wonder why their kids become addicts. Kids watch you, they do what you do and repeat what you say. They see the choices you make and will act the way you do. If you are in a volatile or abusive relationship, they are at a much higher risk for doing the same. They could either become an abuser or the abused. Kids see how you react to things. If you fly off the handle and get angry all the time, they learn anger which becomes their default reaction, and they are likely to fear you. If you don't treat others kindly or with respect, it is doubtful that your kids will, and they are likely to get in trouble at school for being disrespectful. If you create chaos or gossip, don't be surprised when your children are constantly in the middle of whatever the current drama is.
In contrast... when your children see you doing acts of kindness, helping others, speaking highly of people, acting appropriately, reacting to challenges with compassion, and making good choices, don't be surprised when your kids do the same! Kids will always push some boundaries and get in trouble sometimes, but give them the best possible start by modeling good behavior. Children are our reflections, good and bad, so have high standards for yourself. Model self respect, dignity, kindness, confidence, altruism, healthy choices, and healthy relationships, and let your kids know that you want the best for them as well. It's not always easy to parent but your best results come when you set a highly positive and healthy standard for your family. Make your actions, reactions, and interactions healthy and happy and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Free yourself from depression!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Have you ever exaggerated medical "conditions" because it made you feel good to get attention or a break? Are you still "depressed" even though you have been on ANTI-depressants for years? Do you want to know how to save yourself?

Join myself and my friends Jodi and Joanne, aka Three Goddesses, for today's free broadcast at 11:00am eastern and learn how to get past all this and Live Inspired Now! 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Your EGO causes your pain....

I often hear from people that they don't want to risk getting hurt so they don't do anything to try and improve their relationship. Meanwhile, they live every day hurt and resentful because the relationship is not where they want it to be. So you can continue to live with hurt feelings, pain, resentment, numbness, disgust, and rejection, or you can try to change it. Yes, you may have to let go of your ego and put yourself out there. Yes, it may be the other persons fault. Yes, it is scary to show your feelings. But what do you want more? An improved relationship or an ego stroking? Be brave and take the first step. Tell your significant other that you love and cherish them and see how they respond. Let them know how important they are and how much you appreciate their contribution to your relationship. Tell them they are handsome/beautiful and that you get excited when you see them. Just let them know how much you care and how you want things to be amazing between you and see what happens.
It is true, not all relationships will work out. Wouldn't you like to know that and have the opportunity to move forward? Or, you just might be surprised what happens when you kill your ego and do things to improve your relationship. Your partner might just step up and follow your lead. Either way, you will know and you can move forward, and stop living with hurt and resentment.
Drop the ego today, make the first move toward healing your relationship. Take down the walls and allow your partner the opportunity to help you recreate the passion and love, and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Feel free to contact me to heal YOUR relationship!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7 Survival Secrets for Single Parents....

Yesterday, a reader asked me how to deal with being a single parent; specifically, how this makes her feel like the "bad guy" because her ex gets to be the fun visitation dad while she takes care of the day to day stuff. She stated that she feels it is "unfair" when her child lashes out at her and never acts this way towards the dad.

Here is my advice for all single parents (Dads and Moms):

1. Make time to have fun and celebrate. You can also enjoy your children. Create a time each week that you do something together that you will both enjoy. Maybe schedule a play date with your child. for example, every Wednesday after school you go to the park and swing. Schedule a pizza and movie night, have a tickle time each day, make a night to cook together, spread paper all over the floor and have a coloring party, create a treasure map and go on a treasure hunt through the house, hide secret notes for one another, etc.... There are a million ways to have fun with your kids that don't cost anything either, so be sure that you are doing these things! The dishes can wait.... your relationship with your kid is more important. YOU are allowed to have fun too! During the "fun" time, don't do anything else, just have fun!

2. Get support! There are tons of support groups for single parents online and in real life. Align yourself with others who can support and encourage you. Share your experiences and stories and you won't feel like the only person going through it. Maybe you can even trade babysitting back and forth too!

3. Make time for yourself. While the kids are on visitation with the other  parent, do something nice for YOU. If you can't afford to go out and get a massage or go get dinner, then take advantage of a quiet house. Read a book, take a bath, work on a project that you enjoy... do something that will make YOU feel good, rested, cared for, and pampered.

4. Be honest with your kids. There is nothing wrong with explaining to the kids that when they are with the other parent, they get to have fun because it is the weekend and they don't have to go to school or work so they can enjoy the time more. Let them know that during the week you have responsibilities to take care of so there is less time for fun. Let them know you are a team and that you count on them for their help and let them know you will schedule in time for you both to have fun as well. Never insult  or call the other parent names. Instead, be honest about the situation and use age appropriate language to explain the differences between the different households. Encourage them to have fun and enjoy their time with the other parent. Remember it is their parent and they love them.

5. Stop expecting things to be "fair." Life isn't fair, it's not supposed to be. It may seem unfair that you have to be the "bad guy" when the other parent gets to have all the fun but what about the child? Do they think it's "fair" that he/she has parents that are getting divorced? Does the visitation parent think its "fair" that they only see their kid twice a month? Life isn't fair, change what you are thinking about. Instead of feeling badly about being seen as the bad guy by your child sometimes, focus on the fact that you get the opportunity to raise your child and make the every day decisions. That is a blessing not afforded to all parents. You have to change your thinking by focusing on your blessings. Focus on that sweet little face that you get to see each morning and remember what a gift that is.

6. Choose your battles. You are only one person, you may have to let some things go! You may want your kids to pick up their laundry off of the floor, but if it's going to be a battle, weigh whether or not it is worth it. Decide which battles you can let go of and then make peace with it. Just like life is not fair, it is also not perfect. You are a single parent, it is OK if the house is not perfect at all times. Let go of some things and keep your sanity!

7. Be clear and consistent. Let your child know that no means no and follow through with consequences. Wishy washy parents have an increasingly difficult time as their children age. The lack of consistent rules prevents kids from learning about boundaries and can put them in difficult situations with other kids or adults. They also don't learn to respect the rules and may have difficulties in school or with authority. Don't dismiss consequences just because your kid pitches a fit. Let them know you love them and explain the consequences and be firm. Hang in there... you can handle it!

Parenting is hard work sometimes but in the end, all that matters is that you emerge with a healthy and loving relationship with your child. Keep that in mind when deciding what battles to choose. Remember also that kids are not as skilled yet in expressing their emotions so they may express frustrations with an "I hate you Mom," or a "You don't really love me Dad." These are just words of frustration and are not likely to be true. Don't take it personally, we as adults even say things out of anger sometimes. Just remember, you are building a life long relationship with your child, there will be bumps in the road but their will also be rainbows. Enjoy the magic moments and survive the challenges. Laugh often and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Are you being taken for granted?

Who do you have to be grateful for and have you let them know how much you appreciate them today? Every day, through the hustle and bustle, through working, parenting, trying to get ahead, and doing a million different things, do not forget WHO is important. Without that special person, none of that other stuff matters. People often prioritize things and money and success and put the "relationship" on the back burner. They take for granted that he or she will still be there and they may, but that is too big a risk to take with someone you love. Prioritize your love, put one another first always, work towards all that other stuff together with the purpose of enjoying the successes with one another. Otherwise, you might work really hard, achieve success and then have no one to share it with. Life is about relationships and love is about putting one another first. Always put your significant other first but if for some reason you can't, talk about it and let them know that although you are "stuck at work" or you "have to prepare for your big presentation" that you are thinking about them.
So today, remind your partner that you love them and that they are all you need. Prioritize your relationship, love to the fullest and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Remember Family Values???

Yesterday while listening to the radio in the morning, like we always do, the trivia question for the day was this: "What piece of household furniture is becoming obsolete?" The answer was the dining room table. They went on to say that most people don't use a dining room table anymore. Most people eat in front of the television..... I think it was something like 74% of Americans eat in front of the television instead of as a family at a table.
Recently, I heard some of the teens I work with discussing a show called "Pretty Little Liars" so I decided to watch a few episodes on Netflix to see what all the buzz was about. OMG. Seriously??? This show is Desperate Housewives for teenagers! One young 16 year old is having a sexual relationship with her 26 year old teacher, another teen is always boozing it up, one of the girls is always alone with no guidance and all the adults are portrayed as morons, devoid of any values, and who have no clue what their kids are up to! THIS IS WHAT TODAY'S KIDS ARE WATCHING, GLORIFYING, AND PERSONIFYING! This is why we don't have TV in our house... garbage!
I hate to sound old here but... remember the days when television shows had values? Take The Cosby Show, for instance. I loved that show! The parents were hands on, always made time for the kids, they ate together and encouraged one another, AND they showed affection. How many shows today are there where you see the parents hugging their kids before school and telling them that they love them? How many shows portray kids actually talking to their parents about something really important? Unfortunately, not the ones the kids are watching!
In my house growing up, we watched television every single night but not until after we ate dinner at the dining room table, cleaned the kitchen, did our homework. Then, and only then, did we watch television together with our parents. We would have never been allowed to watch shows like Pretty Little Liars or The Secret Life of the American Teenager. We watched Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, Who's The Boss and others but, we watched them together. If there was ever a show in which they covered something "mature" then my parents would be there to discuss it.
Believe me dear readers, I am no prude. I love a good drama from time to time and even a horror movie or two, but we have to find the balance. No, I don't mean a way to balance our dinner on our knee while watching the TV, I mean find the balance between mindless crap and healthy values. Share meals with your children and talk with them instead of watching TV; make it a priority. If you let your kids watch TV, watch with them and choose programs that don't undermine the family. Remind your kids that the things they watch on TV do not represent real life. Remind them that in real life, there are consequences for their choices, that people actually have to have money to pay for things, that teenagers rarely look like super models all of the time and that reality TV is sensationalized, not reality. So today, hug your kids, tell them you love them, teach them the values you hold dear, and Live Inspired Now!

Need help getting your kids/family back on track? Contact me for a free consultation today!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Does your inner beauty match the outer?

Lao Tzu said "We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want." The beauty of the outside pales in comparison to the beauty of your purpose in life. We can put on whatever false act we want, but what you are filled with from the inside is your true value. Are you filling your emptiness with purpose, peace, tranquility, joy, love, compassion, and kindness. Or are you giving your inner space over to drama, negativity, jealousy, anger, resentment and hatred? WE choose what to fill ourselves up with or we choose to remain empty and continue to worship the outside.
Let go of the past, of things that don't make you happy or peaceful, let go of anything that hurts you or others. Let your inside be as beautiful as the outside, be completely honest about who you are, be free and open. Forgive the past so you can enjoy the present, decide to be at peace and Live Inspired Now.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it really mean or are YOU reading it mean?

Recently someone was telling me about a harsh email they received and asked me to read it to see what I thought. I read it and thought it was perfectly fine, not harsh at all. I let them know that I didn't think it was harsh but by the time they passed it around to at least 10 other people and got everyone else all riled up about it... they got what they were looking for. They were not looking for opinions, they were looking for validation. They wanted this email to be "harsh" because they had already decided they didn't like the woman who sent it. In creating this drama that wasn't really there, a person got their ego boosted, friends got to participate in tearing a person down, and the "harsh" email writer probably felt badly that her email was met with contention. Don't just be careful about how YOU type or respond to people, also be careful how YOU read and hear people. Are you really reading a harsh email or is it just professional and to the point? Are you perpetuating drama by forwarding it to all of your friends and looking to have your malice validated? Think, type and read with compassion, don't be so quick to judge the "voice tones" of the written word. Even if it is something mean spirited, harsh or meant to hurt, try to blow it off because it means they have the problem, not you. Don't lower your standards, stay calm, take a deep breath, ignore and avoid drama and negativity and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You deserve a break...

Yesterday I was offline because I bought a new laptop and Thad had to transfer all my info over from the old laptop. The process took longer than anticipated so I was without my laptop for most of the day. At first I was a little anxious about being disconnected until I realized that I had an entire day untethered from my constant distraction! It was sort of exciting and as silly as it sounds, I felt FREE! I went to the gym, went to lunch with my husband, practiced piano then went to my lesson, mowed the lawn, meditated, mailed packages and even took a little walk. It felt great to not worry about checking emails, facebook, tweets, and instant messages. I think I forgot what it was like to be "offline." (I did have my iPhone with me the entire time, but I made a point not to check it.)
Do you need a break from the computer? Personally, I do most of my work online with clients so I couldn't go too long without it, but I think we all need a break from it once in a while. So if not today, at least plan a day to be "offline." Take a break from the online distraction, do things in "real life" and Live Inspired Now. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are your relationships healthy or stressful?

A few days ago I picked up my bestie Dawn to give her a ride to pick up her car at the repair shop. As is always the case with her and I, we took the long way and stopped for tea and did some shopping. I was really excited to talk to her, I was having a super great day full of good news and exciting new things. Which included, THIS blog being added to my local newspaper The Citizen.
After, laughing, shopping, getting caught up on events in our lives and more laughing, it was time to part ways. (I truly don't understand why we are not comedians, we are hysterical... at least WE think so!) We hugged as we always do and I said "Hanging with you was the best part of my day!" Knowing what a great day I had, she stated, "well not the best part." I stopped, looked at her and said, "Yes, yes it was. None of my good news matters at all if I don't have anyone to share it with." She "awwwed" and we both went on our way.
As I was driving home, I thought more about this simple yet profound concept. Isn't it true that the things in our lives matter because we can share the excitement with someone. I would still be happy alone, but it would be far less exciting without someone to share the news with. I am so very blessed and grateful that I have such good relationships in my life. Friends, family, kids, colleagues, mentors, coaches and of course my amazing husband Thad. It is really true.... the quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships. If you are struggling with the stress of strained relationships, get help today, don't wait! Do YOU have someone really important to share all your news with? Today, upgrade your relationships, make sure they are healthy and happy and Live Inspired Now!

PS: I am a relationship expert! If you need help creating or recreating bonds in your life, don't wait, connect with me today!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Be bold and create opportunities.....

I love this quote by Basil King: "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." I often take bold steps and encourage others to do the same. Bold is subjective, so use your own sense to gauge the "boldness" of what you are doing. My son Harry thinks I am bold because of my "why not" attitude. He recently said to me that he loved how I always say "why not" when he asks about trying something new. I encourage everyone to ask for things they think they won't get because sometimes just being bold enough to ask is enough to get a yes instead of a no. For example, I have taught my kids to talk to their teachers and see if they can work out deals at school. A couple years ago, Harry was falling behind in his science class and I encouraged him to talk to the teacher about doing an extra credit art project to improve his grade. Although he didn't think she would say yes, he spoke with her and she agreed to let him do some art work for her and she boosted his grade. On another occasion, Harry had his art work displayed in a museum because I was bold enough to ask that they consider his work despite his age. To this day, Harry is the only child artist that was included in one of their exhibits. 
I can't tell you how many wonderful things have happened in my life because I was bold enough to simply ask. These include: jobs, speaking engagements, raises, and other opportunities.  Don't just seek opportunities, create them! So today, be bold and allow the mighty Universe to align for you and Live Inspired Now! 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Create Healthy Boundaries and Get Your Life Back!!!

Are you sick and tired of getting kicked around emotionally? Learn to create clear boundaries and take your life back! Join me today with my coach friends Jodi and Joanne for a fun talk that will help you find solutions to the following questions:

Do you have a tough time with boundaries?
Do you know when to say NO?
Do you know where to draw the line with kids?
Do you have a friendship that goes only one way; you give they take?
Do you overextend yourself?
Do you have lots of needy people in your life?
Are you a wishy washy parent?

Learn how to go from HOT MESS to HOT in one FREE 45 minute talk today at 11:00am eastern time! Here is the link to a happier life:
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today's misfortune is tomorrows blessing....

Often, when in the midst of chaos, it is difficult to imagine that good things could result from bad but they do. There will always be "bad" things that happen; give it enough time and you will be able to see the bigger picture. Life is a journey of discovery, learning, joy, sorrow, and a compilation of relationships. Don't get so caught up in the day to day events that you miss the excitement of each new step along your journey. You will have fortune and misfortune, relationships that come and go, jobs lost then jobs gained, and friends that will leave to make room for new friends. Never be so distracted by unfortunate events that you lose faith in the journey because the one thing that is universal it that life goes on. So today, make peace with what is, make the very most of the journey and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Ways To Shut Your Mind Up And Get Some Peace!

One of the biggest complaints I hear about is that people cannot rest, especially at night because they have non stop thoughts racing through their head. Here are some tips to calm your mind and get some rest.

1. Break the habit by using an abrupt halt: Slap your hand on a table or give yourself a slap on your upper arm and tell yourself sharply to STOP. This will break your pattern, do it as often as necessary.

2. Distract yourself by changing what you are thinking about. Have a couple of "go to" thoughts that you can distract yourself with. Something funny or a very happy memory are the best.

3. Schedule a time later to think about whatever is bothering you. This gives yourself permission to put it off til later without just trying to "forget about it."

4. Ground yourself in the present moment. Take an inventory of your immediate physical surroundings to bring yourself to where you are at the moment. IE: I am in my bed, I have my green blanket on me, it feels warm, I hear the dog snoring, I can smell a vanilla candle and I am OK right now in this moment. 

5. Question yourself then develop better thoughts. Ask yourself if this is something that you can control. If it is, you can come up with solutions or ask for help and schedule a time to do so. If it is out of your control, then ask yourself why you continue to think about it and is there a better way to look at the situation. For example: If you are thinking over and over about a rejection, ask yourself what this really means. You might be thinking "She doesn't like me, she refuses to go out with me, I am a complete loser. I will never find happiness." Is this really true? Offer evidence to the contrary: "I am NOT a loser just because one person doesn't want to go out with me. I have had relationships in the past and I have very good friends and family that care about me. She may not want to date me but that just means she is not the right one. I will focus on being happy and living a great life and the right person will come in time!"

6. Hire an excellent coach! Not everyone will be able to do #5 on their own. Sometimes it is hard to remember all the amazing things about yourself when you are hurting. Hiring a good life coach will help you see the reality of a situation and get you through the challenges. It is always good to have a professional guide you through these types of things and you will LOVE the results!
So today, don't be a victim of your own mind. Get some relief from your thoughts, be free, rest well and Live Inspired Now!

Contact me today if you need support getting through challenges... you will LOVE the results!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Is that really YOUR burden to carry?

Many times clients come to see me carrying burdens that aren't even their own. Burdens they are carrying from parents or spouses or sometimes even from television or media. It is possible to become vicariously traumatized by another person's story. It is hard enough to carry your own problems around, let alone the problems of the world. You don't have to be in control of everything because, in fact, you are not. You don't have to carry around problems, you can let them go and move forward. Free yourself of heavy burdens by learning to release yourself from their constraints. You will not believe how much lighter and happier you will feel.
I personally used to carry around the weight of the world. I felt everybody's pain and felt obligated not to forget about it. I am not exactly sure how I had become this way but I will never forget the moment I realized that I could let go. I was sitting in my living room many years ago and I was upset about something that had happened years before. I caught myself focusing on this one horrible world event so I decided to meditate to try and clear my mind. My meditation turned into contemplation and as I contemplated, I questioned myself. I challenged myself by asking the question "Why are you still allowing a memory to control you? Why are you losing the joy of today to the sorrow of yesterday?" This contemplation made me realize that I was robbing myself of moving forward and feeling good because I had let myself focus on something that time had already taken care of.
I felt so overwhelmed and free that I cried. It was amazing to just simply realize that I didn't have to hold myself accountable for all the wrongs in the world and that I could feel bad momentarily but then decide to move on. It is extremely tiring to carry a never ending burden and there is no reward for that type of martyrdom.
So today, think about the "burdens" you are carrying and determine whether they are even yours or not. Then think about stepping aside and letting them go. What is the price of letting go? What is the bigger price of continuing to hold on? Let go, move forward and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Family first or step off!

This past week a young person I know contacted me and asked if I would coach him. I know this young person and know that he has a supportive family so I told him that I was definitely open to it but his parents would have to contact me to set things up. I have worked with a few teens without talking with their parents but ONLY because I knew the parents to be very abusive. I would never turn a child away who needs help despite their family situation. However, if the child has a parent/parents in their lives, then the parent should be consulted and made aware of your interactions. Parents should never be undermined and family should always be highly regarded. If you have a young person in your life that looks up to you, don't "get in good" with them by insulting or undermining their parents. A family is important to children and again, unless they are being abused, the family should be put first. If a young person confides something in you that could be risky or dangerous to them, the parents should be told immediately. Parents need to be given the opportunity to support and help their kids. Adults should be mature enough to speak with the parents and explain the situation, instead of keeping secrets with the child. It won't do a child any good for an "adult" that they trust to not make the hard decision to consult the parents. In fact, it will only promote further bad behavior because the "adult secret keeper" is actually validating the bad behavior by keeping the secret.
All kids will make bad decisions at some point, and most kids will assume their parents are going to "kill them," but that is just not the case. Good parents will give consequences and deal with the problems and will continue to love their kids.... even when they are angry.
So today, if you have a young person in your life that is "telling" you things, encourage them to talk to their parents. If it something risky, let the parents know what is going on. Never undermine a child's family by talking badly about the kids parents. Put parents and family first, encourage kids, and empower parents by supporting the entire family and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence:

10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence:

1- Avoid perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually the lowest possible standard one can have because it is unattainable. Nobody is perfect, don’t bother trying. Do your best and then celebrate what you have done. Nobody likes to see you complaining about how imperfect your cupcakes are, especially when they are enough to make Martha Stewart proud! You can self deprecate too much!

2- Dress up and feel great. Wear the outfit that is going to make you feel great! You know... the jeans that make your butt look amazing or the power suit that makes you feel very professional. Whatever it is, put it on and wear it like a cloak of confidence!

3- Smile. Your brain takes cues from your facial expressions and creates emotions to go along with it. Smile and your brain thinks you are happy and at ease. Smile even if you don’t mean it and soon you will mean it! (And a smile is the prettiest accessory you can wear!)

4- Practice makes perfect, you will feel more confident if you know your stuff. Practice, practice and practice some more! Giving a speech... practice in your car every chance you get. Nervous about making phone calls.... practice and role play with friends. Have a friend reject you over and over and get good at laughing about it! Rejection happens sometimes, so what, get past it and move on!

5- Compliment other people and make them feel good. You will have more confidence when you make others feel good. They will also regard you more for being such a nice person!

6- Use your body confidently. Stand up tall, don’t slouch, work out, walk faster, move your hands away from your body and spread your fingers apart. Don’t be clenched up or tighten your muscles, relax and don’t cross your arms. Good body language gives you more confidence and makes you more approachable to other people.

7- Give to others. You can never feel bad if you are doing good for others. You don’t have to give just money, give of your time or resources too. Volunteer, help others, get involved in a cause and find a way to make a difference in others lives. It will make you feel great and help you to become more self actualized as opposed to self focused.

8- Get up front, put yourself in front of others. Sit in the front row, walk to the front of a room, stand where everyone can see you, don’t be afraid to walk up to others. Or even if you are afraid, do it anyway. It is perfectly OK to be nervous, but don’t let the nerves keep you from your networking event, or from seeing your favorite speaker because you hid in the back of the room.

9- Pump yourself up with loud music or positive audio books. I use 80’s rock to get me going but use whatever makes you feel great! (You can’t go wrong with Prince or Guns N Roses... just sayin’.)

10- Get a cheering section. Know who your friends are, let them know what you are doing and ask for their support! Most friends want to see you succeed so ask them to “wish you luck, cross their fingers or cheer you on!” Also, talk about how you are feeling. Let them know that you are nervous and could use their support. Acknowledging your true feelings makes them less powerful and easier to get past! Also, focus on past successes and things you do well, to remind yourself that you know how to be successful and to encourage more confidence!

Build your confidence and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Harness your inner Goddess!

Today is my first live on air broadcast with my friends Jodi and Joanne. Please check out the 3 Goddesses on Spreecast today at 11:00am by clicking this link:

Today we will be talking about "first times" and the fear that keeps us from doing things for the first time. Like the first time you have to speak in public or the first time you get called to the Principal's office for one of your kids, and even the first time you fall in love! Join me and the other 2 Goddesses, learn to overcome first time jitters, conquer your fears, and have some fun with us! We are all moms, we are all trained Strategic Intervention Coaches, all full of funny stories, and excited to share them with you!

So today, join us at 11:00am (it's free), have some fun, bring your questions and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do you know your loves favorites?

Make a list of your favorites and ask your lover to do the same. Maybe you already know them all but maybe you will be surprised by what you see when you exchange lists. Post your favorites in a prominent place too so your lover can refer to the list if they want to surprise you some time. It will also act like a "vision board" if you keep it where you see it all the time. Stay focused on your favorite things and manifest them into your life! Make your list, check out your partners or your kids, have fun and Live Inspired Now!

Here is MY list of favorites:

Food: Vegetarian Shepard's Pie
Color: Green
Movie: The Breakfast Club
Destination: Montana
Sweet Treat: Creme Brulee'
Actor: Sylvester Stallone
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Singer: Prince
Band: Guns n Roses
Animal: Penguins

Monday, May 6, 2013

Handle your shit....

The only people we should be saving is ourselves, we need to take responsibility and handle our "shit." I often see people "play the victim" so they can get attention or because they don't want to invest their own time into solving a problem so they look to someone else to "rescue" them. You don't need rescuing, you need empowerment! Put on your big girl panties and tiara and take care of your business! It is great to get help when you truly need it but to constantly rely on others to take care of you is a disservice to yourself. Let this become your mantra: "I can handle it!" There is nothing YOU can't handle..... just stop telling yourself that you can't. You are Queens (and Kings) and can take on anything! When you are confident and strong and take care of yourself, you attract others like that too. You can always find someone to take care of you, but that will not be a high quality relationship. Build a strong connection by being someone who can also take care of their partner when necessary. A successful relationship means that you each put the others needs first. A person who only gives will eventually get sick of giving all the time and a taker will eventually get bored with the giver. Be someone who is happy alone but loves being together. Be strong, be confident, be loving and kind, empower yourself and build strong, healthy relationships, proudly wear your tiara and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What did he just whisper in your ear???

There is something romantic about things whispered softly in your ear. The other night, Thad and I were settling in for the evening. We had spent the entire day working hard cleaning, painting, and removing carpets at the new house and we were both exhausted. We have no furniture in the new house yet so we just have a mattress on the floor but we have a spectacular view! So from our mattress we laid there and watched the stars and listened to the water and peepers. Just as I was half way between consciousness and sleep, Thad whispered something really sweet in my ear! It was so romantic and sweet and created a magic moment that I will never forget! It doesn't have to be any specific time of day, but today, whisper something really touching in your lovers ear. Go with something really mushy and sweet and see how your lover responds. Loving whispers go straight to the heart. Speak to your lovers heart, make them feel so completely important and love and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

YOU might have a learning disability and not even know it!

The inability to learn is not a disability, the refusal to learn is a disability. People who think they know it all and have nothing to learn from others have a disability called ego. You can always be open to learning new things, you don't have to believe them, but be open to observation. My brother in law posted this morning about a football player that was entering the draft. The sports commentator said that he had some talents but was seriously disadvantaged because he would not listen to other people, he was very cocky and felt like he didn't need to learn anything else. My brother in law called this a learning disability and I thought about how profound that statement was.
I work with many kids that have "learning disabilities" but are willing to learn. I think the only true disability is the unwillingness to learn, grow or evolve beyond what you already are. The only thing "stupid" is thinking you are smart enough, or smarter than everyone else.
So today, put ego aside, know that you are not done learning until you are done living. Empower yourself through humility and a willingness to listen, observe, and learn. Encourage children to master skills and get excited about new things. Drop the debilitating ego, grow beyond your circumstances, be open to new things and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Remind your lover......

Whenever Thad goes away for business, we always write one another love letters. In the beginning of our relationship, before we lived together, we wrote love letters each night. It was a beautiful way to express our love and gratitude for one another and to keep our relationship as our top priority. Make time each day to express your love to one another. People get so caught up in the day to day routine that they often just forget to prioritize their lover. Relationships are whats truly important in life, don't put them second, third or even worse... last. If you are not happy with your partner, spouse, or lover, it makes everything else feel bad too. How AMAZING would you feel to receive a heartfelt love letter from your significant other? Why not write one to them and make them feel amazing too! It has to start somewhere.... so today, write a love letter to your partner. Express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.... be as mushy as you can! Put it on paper, in an email or even a text, it doesn't have to be long... but let your loved one know how special they are! See how if effects your relationship when you continue to let the other person know how special they are to you!
Ohhh..... try sticking a love letter in your partners pant pocket or lunch bag to find later! FUN! I try to hide little love reminders all over for Thad to find. He has them hanging in his office, the home office, next to his side of the bed, in his truck and other places as well! I always want my man to be reminded of my love and devotion for him, and let him know that HE is the most important thing in my entire life! He does the same for me! So don't forget to write your love letters today... be romantic, open your heart, have fun with it and Live Inspired Now!