Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence:

10 Ways To Build Self-Confidence:

1- Avoid perfectionism. Perfectionism is actually the lowest possible standard one can have because it is unattainable. Nobody is perfect, don’t bother trying. Do your best and then celebrate what you have done. Nobody likes to see you complaining about how imperfect your cupcakes are, especially when they are enough to make Martha Stewart proud! You can self deprecate too much!

2- Dress up and feel great. Wear the outfit that is going to make you feel great! You know... the jeans that make your butt look amazing or the power suit that makes you feel very professional. Whatever it is, put it on and wear it like a cloak of confidence!

3- Smile. Your brain takes cues from your facial expressions and creates emotions to go along with it. Smile and your brain thinks you are happy and at ease. Smile even if you don’t mean it and soon you will mean it! (And a smile is the prettiest accessory you can wear!)

4- Practice makes perfect, you will feel more confident if you know your stuff. Practice, practice and practice some more! Giving a speech... practice in your car every chance you get. Nervous about making phone calls.... practice and role play with friends. Have a friend reject you over and over and get good at laughing about it! Rejection happens sometimes, so what, get past it and move on!

5- Compliment other people and make them feel good. You will have more confidence when you make others feel good. They will also regard you more for being such a nice person!

6- Use your body confidently. Stand up tall, don’t slouch, work out, walk faster, move your hands away from your body and spread your fingers apart. Don’t be clenched up or tighten your muscles, relax and don’t cross your arms. Good body language gives you more confidence and makes you more approachable to other people.

7- Give to others. You can never feel bad if you are doing good for others. You don’t have to give just money, give of your time or resources too. Volunteer, help others, get involved in a cause and find a way to make a difference in others lives. It will make you feel great and help you to become more self actualized as opposed to self focused.

8- Get up front, put yourself in front of others. Sit in the front row, walk to the front of a room, stand where everyone can see you, don’t be afraid to walk up to others. Or even if you are afraid, do it anyway. It is perfectly OK to be nervous, but don’t let the nerves keep you from your networking event, or from seeing your favorite speaker because you hid in the back of the room.

9- Pump yourself up with loud music or positive audio books. I use 80’s rock to get me going but use whatever makes you feel great! (You can’t go wrong with Prince or Guns N Roses... just sayin’.)

10- Get a cheering section. Know who your friends are, let them know what you are doing and ask for their support! Most friends want to see you succeed so ask them to “wish you luck, cross their fingers or cheer you on!” Also, talk about how you are feeling. Let them know that you are nervous and could use their support. Acknowledging your true feelings makes them less powerful and easier to get past! Also, focus on past successes and things you do well, to remind yourself that you know how to be successful and to encourage more confidence!

Build your confidence and Live Inspired Now!

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