Friday, May 17, 2013

Be bold and create opportunities.....

I love this quote by Basil King: "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." I often take bold steps and encourage others to do the same. Bold is subjective, so use your own sense to gauge the "boldness" of what you are doing. My son Harry thinks I am bold because of my "why not" attitude. He recently said to me that he loved how I always say "why not" when he asks about trying something new. I encourage everyone to ask for things they think they won't get because sometimes just being bold enough to ask is enough to get a yes instead of a no. For example, I have taught my kids to talk to their teachers and see if they can work out deals at school. A couple years ago, Harry was falling behind in his science class and I encouraged him to talk to the teacher about doing an extra credit art project to improve his grade. Although he didn't think she would say yes, he spoke with her and she agreed to let him do some art work for her and she boosted his grade. On another occasion, Harry had his art work displayed in a museum because I was bold enough to ask that they consider his work despite his age. To this day, Harry is the only child artist that was included in one of their exhibits. 
I can't tell you how many wonderful things have happened in my life because I was bold enough to simply ask. These include: jobs, speaking engagements, raises, and other opportunities.  Don't just seek opportunities, create them! So today, be bold and allow the mighty Universe to align for you and Live Inspired Now! 

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