Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Ways To Shut Your Mind Up And Get Some Peace!

One of the biggest complaints I hear about is that people cannot rest, especially at night because they have non stop thoughts racing through their head. Here are some tips to calm your mind and get some rest.

1. Break the habit by using an abrupt halt: Slap your hand on a table or give yourself a slap on your upper arm and tell yourself sharply to STOP. This will break your pattern, do it as often as necessary.

2. Distract yourself by changing what you are thinking about. Have a couple of "go to" thoughts that you can distract yourself with. Something funny or a very happy memory are the best.

3. Schedule a time later to think about whatever is bothering you. This gives yourself permission to put it off til later without just trying to "forget about it."

4. Ground yourself in the present moment. Take an inventory of your immediate physical surroundings to bring yourself to where you are at the moment. IE: I am in my bed, I have my green blanket on me, it feels warm, I hear the dog snoring, I can smell a vanilla candle and I am OK right now in this moment. 

5. Question yourself then develop better thoughts. Ask yourself if this is something that you can control. If it is, you can come up with solutions or ask for help and schedule a time to do so. If it is out of your control, then ask yourself why you continue to think about it and is there a better way to look at the situation. For example: If you are thinking over and over about a rejection, ask yourself what this really means. You might be thinking "She doesn't like me, she refuses to go out with me, I am a complete loser. I will never find happiness." Is this really true? Offer evidence to the contrary: "I am NOT a loser just because one person doesn't want to go out with me. I have had relationships in the past and I have very good friends and family that care about me. She may not want to date me but that just means she is not the right one. I will focus on being happy and living a great life and the right person will come in time!"

6. Hire an excellent coach! Not everyone will be able to do #5 on their own. Sometimes it is hard to remember all the amazing things about yourself when you are hurting. Hiring a good life coach will help you see the reality of a situation and get you through the challenges. It is always good to have a professional guide you through these types of things and you will LOVE the results!
So today, don't be a victim of your own mind. Get some relief from your thoughts, be free, rest well and Live Inspired Now!

Contact me today if you need support getting through challenges... you will LOVE the results!

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