Tuesday, April 30, 2013

People are not projects....

Unless you are a fireman, EMT worker, police man or other type of first responder, you should not be "rescuing" people. People don't need to be saved or rescued. They need to save themselves, and most times they do that only by hitting rock bottom. I think this might be why coaching works so well because coaches don't enable, they empower. People need to learn how to empower themselves to make changes that will create a life they love. You don't get the chance to do that if someone is "saving" you every time you fall. Just the way a baby would never learn to walk if you scooped him up after his first fall. People make mistakes and the best thing we can do is to let people learn from them. It is not your job to fix, save,  or rescue another person. It is wonderful and lovely to help people, but if you are "helping" them with the same thing over and over, you are enabling them. People are not projects, they need love and kindness but it is up to them to create or re-create their own lives. I learned this lesson many times over in my life. It is noble to want to help others, it is selfish and unrealistic to think you are their savior.
Look at the people in your life. Are they people that should be in your life? There is a difference between being friendly and being friends. Be "friendly" to everyone, but be "friends" with those people who are like minded and who will not take advantage of you or abuse your friendship. Learn and live the difference, inspire and empower but do not enable, and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Forget the forest... look at the tree!

I was inspired yesterday by Thad and his constant composure. He is able to maintain calm through almost anything! I was talking to him this morning about how after many hours spent with the kids, I need to go and decompress for a bit while he is still calm, cool, and collected. I started to feel kind of guilty for needing a break from them when he is so capable of just letting it all go and that is when I realized what was going on. Thad is able to take each situation separately while I see them as a whole big picture. Thad says he sees the tree but I see the entire forest.
I was explaining to him that when I am with the kids, I am listening, processing, and figuring out how everything will impact them and their future. For example: when Carrie came home from her dads with a migraine yesterday. I had to do an investigation: What did you eat? How long have you had it? Did you drink enough water today? Then upon determining what went wrong, I had to try and fix it: Drink some water, lay down, do not eat any more junk food, take a warm shower and let me give you a hug. Then I thought about the long term effects: Will she have migraines forever? Should I consult a nutritionist and change her diet? How will this impact her in the future?
So while Thad just dealt with the immediate situation, I had to turn it into a full blown intervention! I would love to say that I am perfect, but clearly I am not. lol. Now that I realize that I was doing that, I have an opportunity to make a different choice. Next time one of the kids has an issue, I am going to deal with the issue at hand rather than globalizing the entire problem. Funny how well I do this in every other area of life but when it comes to the kids, I was so concerned with the "what ifs" that I was stressing myself out.
So today, look at each situation that comes up for what it is, not what it "might" be. It is fine to look at the big picture sometimes, but you don't need to every time. And while some people say "You can't see the forest through the trees...." I say, just look at the tree, you don't have to see the whole forest. Sometimes in looking at the entire forest you miss the beauty and uniqueness of each individual tree. Watch, love, participate and enjoy each and every moment and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

His, hers....SCREW IT... it's ALL MINE!!!

I often hear from couples that they are fighting over who "owns" what. Maybe the house is in his name and in a moment of anger he screams "this is MY house!" Or maybe the wife reminds the husband that "I make the money, it's mine and I get to decide how we spend it." Or even worse, "these are MY kids and you don't make the rules for them." UHG! Just break up now and move on!!! Toothbrushes and underwear are things you can claim as ONLY yours but why not share everything else? If you are in a relationship where you don't trust your partner enough to share your home, your kids, your finances or your truth with, then you are not in the right relationship. In fact, you are probably the one abusing the relationship! Now obviously if you just started dating someone, you should take your time to get to know and trust them. However, if you are in a long term relationship and sharing your life with someone, you should be sharing everything. Yours and mine only cause resentment and hurt feelings. It will eventually lead to a break up or, if you stay together, a passionless, mediocre, unhappy relationship.
If you love him, share you world with him, if you can't because you don't trust him, then either seek help to strengthen your relationship or move on! Relationships can be repaired, but it gets harder to do so, the longer you let resentment build up. What do you value more? Your life partner or "YOUR things?" What are you really building? A business partnership or a relationship?
Stop fighting about his, hers, and mine and share you life together. Share everything and don't abuse it, or each other. So today, stop the cycle of fighting about who owns what. Develop a deeper love that goes well beyond things and stuff. Create a bond that unites not separates and Live and Love Inspired Now!

PS: If you need help getting past petty differences in your relationship... call now. I have the tools to transform your relationship in ONE SESSION!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Do THIS and feel awesome no matter what.....

I cannot stress this enough; if you want to feel good, do good things for other people and you will feel amazing! So Harry came home from school yesterday and tells me that he took extra money to school so he could do something nice. He then went on to explain that the "big cookies" in the lunch room are $1.00 and he brought $5.00 with him. He purchased 5 big cookies, kept 1 and gave 4 away. He said he was walking through the lunch room and some kid said "Hey, you have too many cookies. Can I have one?" and Harry said "Sure!" Harry said the kid couldn't believe it when Harry just smiled and handed him one. He also gave one to a friend and a couple to random strangers.
Harry said "Mom, I felt so GREAT!!!" He went on to say that he totally understands what I mean about helping people and how good it feels. He said that he was helping because it made people feel pretty happy.
What a proud mom moment! He did this all on his own without prompting too! I cannot stress enough how important it is to teach our kids about helping others and giving beyond themselves. The true way to happiness is through service, kindness, and compassion. Today, ask your kids to do an act of kindness for someone, or do one yourself.
 Here are just a few suggestions:
-pay for the coffee for the guy behind you in line
-buy an extra coffee for the homeless guy you walk by
-offer to carry something that looks heavy
-hold doors and smile
-compliment people... especially if they seem to be having a bad day
-offer to run an errand for someone
-let people cut in front of you while driving
-give your kids some extra money to buy extra snacks for friends
-buy pizza for the office
-send cards to kids in the hospital
-support kids/people going through medical challenges

No matter what you do.... feel good knowing you are doing something for others. These are just a few examples of some of the easier things you can do.... feel free to go above and beyond if you are so inspired! Get out there and do good things, feel great about it and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Say something nice or SHUT UP!

It is so nice to be around people who truly love and adore their spouse! How bad does it feel when someone is talking to you and bashing the person they are supposed to love? They talk all about the limitations or downfalls of their "loved one" and it can make you feel really uncomfortable. I had a co-worker years ago that always spoke down about his wife, I can't think of one nice thing that he ever had to say about her. Then when I met her, I was surprised and delighted by how lovely she was. Of course then I felt bad because clearly SHE was stuck with someone who didn't value her at all! I LOVE hearing people when they brag about their spouses. I often brag about mine! (Of course you all already know how truly amazing Thad is!)
How good would your spouse feel if you were to brag about them? Say really nice things about them to your co-workers or drop a couple lines about how grateful you are for them on facebook? How important would you make them feel if they knew that you thought they were Superman/woman? Remember also, your spouse is a reflection of the choice YOU made. So if you are talking down about someone, it only reflects badly on you. (If you are in a situation where the relationship is ending, you still should not talk badly about the other person.)
So today... go ahead and brag a little about the one you love, speak and regard them highly, make them feel really important and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is that YOUR stinkin thinkin that smells so bad?

Recently I was speaking with a client who expressed to me that she was afraid she would never feel truly good about her relationship and that she was feeling resentful. I knew things had been going well recently so I wondered what was different. She had spent time that day telling another friend all about the troubles her and her boyfriend had gone through in the past with affairs. She asked me why she felt so crappy when things had been going well.
This is what I told her: "You don't know how bad standing or stagnate water smells until you stir it up." If the swamp is just sitting there, you never smell it, but when you start wading around in it, you smell how gross it is. This is the same with what we focus on. If you sit and talk about all the bad things that happened in the past, you will feel bad. Don't mire yourself in the stench..... break that pattern and ONLY talk about the good stuff! Talk about the things your boyfriend and you have been doing lately, all the great moments and laughs you have shared. There really is no reason to revisit history unless you want to keep feeling badly about it.
She totally got what I was saying and it helped her to remember that although things aren't perfect, they are still really good and they have both worked hard to make their relationship so much better!
Today, focus solely on the positive, feel great, be grateful, smile, listen to happy music, tell only positive uplifting stories, and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time to stop asking for permission....

How often do you look to others to validate what you are doing? You do not need another person's permission to be great! I often hear people say "I don't want to do it until someone else does" or they won't express their true feelings about something until someone else makes it OK to do so. You don't have to make sure that others feel the same way to know if you are right. You don't have to wait until someone else "goes in" before you, so you know you are not alone. Empower yourself to do, say, think, act, react and interact however YOU feel is right despite what anyone else does or doesn't do! You are the ONLY one who lives inside your head, you are the only one who has to be comfortable with yourself when you lay your head on your pillow, you are the ONLY person who reflects back when you look in the mirror. You do not need anyone else to "make it OK" for you to be you! You will never need permission to take a stand, to rebel, to say what you feel, to try something new, to like or dislike something, to do what you feel is right for your kids, to be fabulous or to be quiet and reserved, you don't need permission to be YOU!
So today, step with comfort into your own self realization and tell anyone who doesn't like it that their opinion of you is none of your business! Be authentic, ignore and avoid all judgement by others, love who you are and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's a slippery slope to loserville....

You know it's a slippery slope when you start making bad decisions or lowering standards. That "one time" you tried something that was not in alignment with your core values, that "one person" you knew you should have avoided, or that "one place" you said you would never go to. Just as soon as we allow ourselves to take the first step toward destruction, it becomes like a slippery slope and we slide all the way down until we crash at the bottom. The next time you are tempted to engage in something risky like drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, over indulging, or flirting with disaster, remember who you are, and who you would never want to become before making that decision! It takes more courage and integrity to do what is right and maintain your standards and then you won't have to pack your bags for "loserville!" Once you move to "loserville" or "crazytown," it becomes MUCH harder to get out.... so just don't go there! You have all heard the stories of lovely people who just tried something once and got hooked and it ruined their life. The best way to prevent falling down a slippery slope is by never standing on the edge! So today, promote positive living by avoiding risky or unhealthy practices, set a great example of maintaining high standards and Live Inspired Now!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Don't wait for tragedy to put it all into perspective...

Don't wait for tragedy to remind you to live a full life, to express your true emotions, and to make time for those who are important. Every time our country faces a tragedy people start to really think about what is important and they start to prioritize things differently. Unfortunately, after some time has passed we tend to revert back to our old ways... working too much, forgetting to tell people we love them, ignoring our feelings, focusing on the negative and slowly crawling back into our "comfort zone." Life begins outside of that comfort zone, that is why tragedy shakes us up so much, it reminds us that we are not truly in control and that anything can happen. Don't wait for tragedy to strike to remind us how important it is to truly live and love life and all that it has to offer. Don't wait for tragedy to remind you to appreciate our military, law enforcement, first responders, and all other hero's that walk amongst us. Today, and EVERYDAY, get outside of your comfort zone, express your feelings for others, be grateful for your many blessings, tell people you love them, spend time with those you love, do a random act of kindness, do something to thank our "everyday hero's" and Live Inspired Now... not later... NOW!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let go or lose more....

I am so pumped up about the workshops I taught yesterday. I met so many great people and as always, I was inspired! During the second workshop a man asked about letting go. He was wondering how long to continue fighting for someone that didn't want him back. I talked to him about detachment and letting go. I told him that holding on to things too hard causes them to break and I asked him who this was really about.
If someone has clearly expressed that they do not want to be with you yet you continue to push, fight, stalk, call, text or obsess over the person or the relationship, it is NOT about the other person. You don't "love" them, you are working out of a place of ego. It is all about you and what you want. Your desires, your emotions, your need and that can be extremely overwhelming to another person. If you truly loved someone, you would let them go. In many cases, when you do let them go and they see that you are willing to put their needs and wants first, that is when they see how selfless you are and that can create a deeper connection. The old cliche is true: If you love someone let them go.... if they come back then it was meant to be. I also reminded him that some of the best things in life have resulted when you let go of what you think you need so much. I talked breakups; when we go through a break up it hurts but then down the road when you find that truly amazing relationship, you are grateful for the past breakups because it brought you to today. If you had not let go, you might still be miserable and never had found the right person!
It is all about letting go and realizing that we do not control anyone but ourselves. The best way to live inspired and to have good people around us is to treat ourselves well. Magic moments are always filled with kindness. We need to be kind to ourselves and trust that things will work out. We don't have to hold on to everything and everyone so tightly, we can let go and trust that it will all work out for the best. People deserve loving, kind relationships with others who truly appreciate them and want to share their life with them.
Is it time for YOU to let go of something or someone? What are the consequences if you don't? Think about letting go, trusting the Universe and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guest Blogger: Joanne LaRocco

Empaths Unite!!! With so many changes in Energy Shifts and The Awakening, many of us are getting hit hard emotionally, especially Empaths!
Empaths feel energy and emotions of others as if they were their own. If you are an Empath and are not aware, you can get confused, depressed and physically ill. Most Empaths will get a sudden and overwhelming burst of sadness, depression or anger and they have no clue why. Some low frequency individuals a/k/a “psychic vampires” will drain you, leaving you exhausted after every encounter. Who are the five closest people in your life? Do they inspire you or drain you? This makes all the difference in keeping up your positive energy levels.

What can you do to protect yourself? First off, being grounded and balanced is a must, along with knowing how to calm your mind through practices such as meditation. If you are perfectly fine one minute and then feeling despair the next, you need to know where it is coming from. Most probably, it is not yours to own or keep. Once you realize this, bless the emotion/feeling and release it by sending it away. You can also cleanse and protect your home from negative energy by smudging with sage, using holy water, dragon’s blood incense, sea salt, cinnamon and mirrors. Having such great Empathy is a gift! If you need more info, Just Ask Jo!
Joanne LaRocco is an Intuitive life Coach who combines Strategic Intervention, life experiences with her metaphysical gifts and guidance from the Archangels.
-Joanne LaRocco

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest Blogger: Jodi Brichta-Coyne

"Look at that face, those cute puppy dog eyes...everyone should have their own Gremlin like a cute, cuddly pet. In fact, we all have Gremlins living inside of us who are, at this very moment, wreaking havoc. Although we can not see them, we may think they are good-natured, and will do us no harm, the fact is ...they do. DON'T listen to them! They try to trick you into constantly believing what is right and wrong and use your ego to buy into it. Once your ego buys into it, it causes you stress and then your body goes into flight or fight. If you stay there too long (its what the Gremlin wants) your body starts to become ill, overwhelmed, depressed and then all sorts of physical symptoms start showing up to signal to you that you should not listen to the Gremlin, instead.. listen to YOU. Trust, care, and love yourself enough to learn how to ask; "is this true?" if it's not, (which is most of the time) learn to forgive, let it go. You have to trust your intuition enough to realize by letting it go and not succumbing to the trickery of your Gremlin that not only does it benefit yourself (body, mind, spirit) it benefits all those around you that you love. Remember, they may look cute and cuddly and you think they are doing you good however, just like people, looks can be very deceiving. Don't be fooled! Trust your self enough to let go of thoughts that no longer serve you or make you happy, you'll be glad you did...."YOU" deserve it."
-Jodi Brichta-Coyne;

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boost your self appreciation.....

I had a client recently that was focusing on all the challenges she was facing. I asked her to tell me what she had accomplished in her life and she couldn't really recall anything. I pointed out what was obvious to me.... she had beautiful children, a new home, a loving husband, and countless other blessings. She then realized that she truly did have so much and she started rattling off all the other things she had accomplished or was grateful for. Sometimes in our quest for more, more, more, we forget to appreciate ourselves for what we have already done. Today, write yourself a "thank you" note. State all the reasons you are grateful to your SELF. Maybe you are thankful that you were smart enough to walk away from a situation or temptation. Maybe you are thankful for persevering through school or sticking with a job to support your family. Maybe you are thankful that you are kind and well mannered. Write down as much as you can... try not to leave anything out! Then post it somewhere for easy reference and during times of self doubt, refer to it and remember to appreciate yourself. So today, get started on your letter of thanks to you, focus on all that you have not what you lack and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What unites couples......

Did you know a couple can come together through a mutual attraction of one another's ego? If you do not resonate on a true level of love, respect and compassion for one another, you may have started your relationship based on unhealthy attractions. Often times people will be attracted to what the other person can do for them, even unintentionally. We have all heard of people who find a partner because he or she is wealthy but it goes much deeper than that. Some people might be seeking people that they can "fix" because it makes them feel important to be needed, or it gives them a sense of sub-conscious importance over others. Other people may be seeking to "save" someone in crisis because it makes them feel like the hero. The person being "saved" may very well be looking for someone to rescue them so they don't have to do it on their own, they want the "knight in shining armor" to make everything all better. Or perhaps you know a couple that came together through affairs, they were married to other people but connected to "escape" the current relationship. These are all examples of people who unite ego's not hearts.
Relationships based on ego attraction are unlikely to last forever because they are based on things that will change. A relationship with a foundation built on love, trust and compassion for one another is much stronger and can sustain outside influence. A relationship built on ego attraction never establishes a solid foundation and can easily crumble. Also, when the drama, crisis, or rescuing is over, the couple may get bored and wonder what happened.
If your relationship started on ego attraction, become aware and take steps to establish a loving connection. If you are single and looking, start looking at ways to connect with someone on a deeper level. If you are starting over after a break up, do some soul searching and figure out what attracted you to your past relationships and make changes if needed. For those of you in Upstate, NY, I am teaching a FREE relationship workshop this coming Wednesday at Natur-Tyme in Syracuse, NY. Please see "Upcoming Workshops" for more information and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Life... just do this!

It really is as easy as taking care of yourself. You don't need the next dieting fad, you don't need a new routine, you don't need the next self help book... you already know what you need! Eat, move, hydrate, sleep and love, then repeat daily. Take care of yourself, stop watching television, stop dwelling on your past, stop eating garbage, stop going to anger, stop putting up walls, stop being sedentary, stop participating in the drama, stop drinking soda, stop yelling, stop insulting yourself and others, stop hating, stop settling for mediocrity and START LIVING INSPIRED! Life can be easy if you let it, take care of yourself, make the best choices you can, live a clean, healthy life, practice daily until it becomes habit and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Contact me if YOU are ready to live INSPIRED... I will support and encourage you through the process and you will LOVE your results!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't sugar coat it!

I was having tea with a friend the other day and telling her about the food detox that I am doing with another friend. I told her that I wanted to lose the 20 lbs I have gained in the past couple of years because I felt like a total fat ass. She was completely taken aback by my self deprecation and very kindly tried to convince me that I was not fat and I was beautiful just the way I am etc. I explained to her that I still LOVE myself, love my body and have full confidence in my own beauty but I was not going to sugar coat my weight gain because then I wouldn't have the motivation to lose the weight. I am all for using beautiful and loving self talk but I am also all about keeping it real and right now I feel fat! (Granted it's only 20 lbs but for me, that is a lot.)
I refuse to "sugar coat" how I am feeling. When I express my discomfort with the extra 20 lbs, it has nothing to do with who I am as a person, how much I contribute to the world, nor does it impact my overall confidence. I LOVE me! But I also want to feel physically comfortable and I will do that by tweaking my food and exercise routine. So my friend Peg is hosting this 7 day detox which helps people discover their food sensitivities, kick sugar and lose weight naturally without dieting. I am totally looking forward to losing my extra 20 lbs and getting back on track.
So today, if you want to make a change, don't sugar coat it, say what you really mean and put some emotion behind your goal! You are more likely to follow through with something you are passionate about! Think about it.... which statement seems more likely for success?
1- I want to lose a few pounds.
2- I am sick and tired of being a fat ass and I WILL lose this weight, I WILL not settle for less, I WILL feel great, I WILL have more energy, I WILL be healthy and I WILL love myself through the entire process!
Number 2 has a much higher chance of ultimate success because of the passion. So get passionate, get motivated and keep practicing it, Don't sugar coat your goals, don't settle for less than you want and Live Inspired Now!!!

PS: Here is a link to my friend Peg's program if you would like to check it out: www.detoxwithPeg.com 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do something crazy!

Have you ever wanted to just break free from the mundane and do something "crazy?" Like skip out on work and go fly a kite, take a spontaneous vacation, or sign you and your spouse up for dance lessons? Sometimes you just have to fill your need for variety by doing something out of your comfort zone... which is often called crazy. Notice that I said "crazy" not destructive or irresponsible, just something that will let you know you are alive and a vibrant soul fully capable of living with passion and enjoying every moment! So today, do something fun and crazy, remember that life is FUN and should be enjoyed and Live Inspired Now! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Your authentic self....

Wow! It's a whole new day and we woke up which means it's another opportunity to LIVE life to the fullest! Many of us are so focused on our transformation, focusing on who we will become that we forget to be aligned with who we already are. Living in alignment means living a life that is authentically you. You are not guided by what others think or say and you are comfortable with yourself. You are the only one that has to live in your head, so do things that will make you feel a deep appreciation for who you are, where you have come from, and all that you have done. Life is short and today is your new opportunity to start again! So today, get out there and enjoy life, live in alignment with your core values, focus on joy and Live Inspired Now!

PS: I know I have done posts similar to this one but I dreamed about it last night so I thought I better post it... perhaps someone needs to hear this?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Make today a good memory for tomorrow...

If we ask ourselves this question "What did I do yesterday that was worth mentioning?" we might make better choices each day. What did I provide of value to myself, my family, my friends, my school, my neighbors, my community, my world yesterday? How might I do that today so I can feel good about the answer tomorrow? Each day we have the opportunity to make a difference somehow. We can make someone smile, help a friend in need, hold or hug someone, treat ourselves well, start something new, begin again, send that letter, make that call, work and provide for our family, clean something..... there are millions of things we can do each day to impact our world. They don't have to be huge things, the small things often make a huge difference, and many small things can transform the world! So today, make the very most of the day, do something that you will be proud to remember tomorrow and Live Inspired Now!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Curb appeal.....

Make your home welcoming by giving the front of your house some curb appeal! Let people see your good will and energy reflected in your surroundings. You don't have to spend a lot of money, sometimes the best landscaping is a nice clean yard free of debris or clutter. Thad and I added some much needed curb appeal for under $200.00 with a new park bench, landscaping logs, and a few potted plants. We had stone on hand from another project and we took huge stepping stones out of our creek.
Your home is the place you return to each day, even if you rent, you can make it a lovely place. Spring is finally here!! Today, let's spruce up our surroundings, let people see your welcoming energy and Live Inspired Now!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The right path....

Life is a journey and whatever path you are on, it is the right one. It is right because it leads you to where you want to be, OR where you don't want to be and then you can correct. We are all exactly where we need to be in the moment. We are either happy and moving forward or learning lessons that will help us in the future. We all make bad decisions sometimes, we all have set backs, and we all wish we had made better choices at some point, but everything we have done has led us to this moment. There are many decisions I have made in my life that I know were not the best but looking back now, I know they were exactly right because of where they led me. I am exactly where I want to be today because of the fortunes, mistakes, happiness and misery I have experienced up to now. We should always try and do our best, try to make the best choices we can that will enhance our lives, but if we mess up, that's OK too. Everything always works out the way it is supposed to. I often think of a friend who had a terrible break up. She truly thought she would not survive the pain but I assured her that it would all work out. Nobody ever thinks of pain as a blessing but it often is. In the end, she did get through the pain of her break up and she went on to eventually meet the man of her dreams! I reminded her that had she not had that pain, she would have never had the opportunity to meet her current husband and she is truly happy now.
Wherever you are today in your journey, be grateful for it. It may not be exactly where you want to be at the moment, but hang in there, all things work out for the greater good. Stay focused on the positive, make the best decisions you know how to make, stay on the path and Live Inspired Now!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Just be yourself....

We are always at our best and strongest when we are living in alignment with who we truly are. Never try to become someone else or act in a way that is out of character for you. YOU don't have to be anyone but you! When we put on a facade we tell our own souls that we are not good enough, that we could not be accepted as we are.
We all wear many hats and have to act appropriately in our surroundings. You might not act the same way at work as you do hanging out with your friends and that is OK. It is good to understand what is appropriate behavior for different social settings but don't change who you are at your core. You can alter behavior but don't alter your values. Don't jump on the bandwagon when it rolls through just because that is what everyone else is doing. Don't go along with things you disagree with because your friends are doing it. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing or being anything that you don't align with. If you ever make a decision that you don't feel is right because you are afraid to lose someone, that person is probably someone worth losing. For example, many years ago I had a friend who was constantly going to bars and drinking because she thought her boyfriend would leave her if she didn't. She didn't want him to think she wasn't fun, she thought he would leave her if she was too "serious." She was essentially making herself a prisoner. She was doing things to make him "stay" with her but she was totally unhappy. I wondered how long it would take her to realize that the happiness she sought in him would never be found while she hated herself. She eventually broke up with him and moved forward and she learned that you cannot find happiness in being someone you are not.
So today, be yourself, don't compromise your beliefs, opinions or values for anyone and Live Inspired Now!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get rid of it!

It is time for some spring cleaning! I have been cleaning and de-cluttering our house so we can sell it because we are moving this summer. I am not sure how we accumulated so much stuff, especially since I THOUGHT I was the queen of un-cluttered. I am waiting to be stripped of that title any day now! lol. We let things pile up and surround us for no reason, get rid of all the things you don't need or haven't used. I told the kids, if you haven't looked at it, used it, played with it or even thought about it in 3 months, get rid of it! We are donating so much stuff and that feels really good!
We should de-clutter our non-tangible life as well. Isn't it time to stop carrying around all those hurt feelings, sadness or any type of negative emotions? Or maybe it's time to re-evaluate some of your friendships? If the emotion, feeling or even the friend doesn't enhance your life in a positive way, get rid of it! Let everything you keep be useful, beautiful or empowering, and Live Inspired Now!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hard work....

If you want something bad enough, you will be willing to do whatever it takes to get it, including hard work! I was thinking about this over the past weekend when Thad and I were working so hard to landscape our yard. I am really excited to give the house some curb appeal so we were digging up dirt, removing large stones, installing rock beds, and getting things ready to plant. It was so much work and my body was sore everywhere but we really wanted it and we made it happen. This is our attitude with almost everything, if we want it, it is up to us to make it happen!
You won't die from hard work but you will sleep well at night! Nothing like some manual labor to help you sleep like a log. Is there something in life that you really want? Are you willing to work hard to achieve it? Life provides many magic moments but it doesn't make dreams happen by magic. Make a plan, roll up your sleeves and get to work! Clear, consistent, focus and action make your dreams come true! You are in control of your dreams becoming reality... go out there and make it happen and Live Inspired Now!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Say less, do more!

Some people talk about it, some people just do it. Today, when everyone else is discussing, planning, troubleshooting, or debating, be the one who is "doing." Enough said... I am off to make a difference! Have a great day and Live Inspired Now!