Thursday, May 2, 2013

YOU might have a learning disability and not even know it!

The inability to learn is not a disability, the refusal to learn is a disability. People who think they know it all and have nothing to learn from others have a disability called ego. You can always be open to learning new things, you don't have to believe them, but be open to observation. My brother in law posted this morning about a football player that was entering the draft. The sports commentator said that he had some talents but was seriously disadvantaged because he would not listen to other people, he was very cocky and felt like he didn't need to learn anything else. My brother in law called this a learning disability and I thought about how profound that statement was.
I work with many kids that have "learning disabilities" but are willing to learn. I think the only true disability is the unwillingness to learn, grow or evolve beyond what you already are. The only thing "stupid" is thinking you are smart enough, or smarter than everyone else.
So today, put ego aside, know that you are not done learning until you are done living. Empower yourself through humility and a willingness to listen, observe, and learn. Encourage children to master skills and get excited about new things. Drop the debilitating ego, grow beyond your circumstances, be open to new things and Live Inspired Now!

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