Monday, May 6, 2013

Handle your shit....

The only people we should be saving is ourselves, we need to take responsibility and handle our "shit." I often see people "play the victim" so they can get attention or because they don't want to invest their own time into solving a problem so they look to someone else to "rescue" them. You don't need rescuing, you need empowerment! Put on your big girl panties and tiara and take care of your business! It is great to get help when you truly need it but to constantly rely on others to take care of you is a disservice to yourself. Let this become your mantra: "I can handle it!" There is nothing YOU can't handle..... just stop telling yourself that you can't. You are Queens (and Kings) and can take on anything! When you are confident and strong and take care of yourself, you attract others like that too. You can always find someone to take care of you, but that will not be a high quality relationship. Build a strong connection by being someone who can also take care of their partner when necessary. A successful relationship means that you each put the others needs first. A person who only gives will eventually get sick of giving all the time and a taker will eventually get bored with the giver. Be someone who is happy alone but loves being together. Be strong, be confident, be loving and kind, empower yourself and build strong, healthy relationships, proudly wear your tiara and Live Inspired Now!

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