Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Is it really mean or are YOU reading it mean?

Recently someone was telling me about a harsh email they received and asked me to read it to see what I thought. I read it and thought it was perfectly fine, not harsh at all. I let them know that I didn't think it was harsh but by the time they passed it around to at least 10 other people and got everyone else all riled up about it... they got what they were looking for. They were not looking for opinions, they were looking for validation. They wanted this email to be "harsh" because they had already decided they didn't like the woman who sent it. In creating this drama that wasn't really there, a person got their ego boosted, friends got to participate in tearing a person down, and the "harsh" email writer probably felt badly that her email was met with contention. Don't just be careful about how YOU type or respond to people, also be careful how YOU read and hear people. Are you really reading a harsh email or is it just professional and to the point? Are you perpetuating drama by forwarding it to all of your friends and looking to have your malice validated? Think, type and read with compassion, don't be so quick to judge the "voice tones" of the written word. Even if it is something mean spirited, harsh or meant to hurt, try to blow it off because it means they have the problem, not you. Don't lower your standards, stay calm, take a deep breath, ignore and avoid drama and negativity and Live Inspired Now!

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