Sunday, April 14, 2013

What unites couples......

Did you know a couple can come together through a mutual attraction of one another's ego? If you do not resonate on a true level of love, respect and compassion for one another, you may have started your relationship based on unhealthy attractions. Often times people will be attracted to what the other person can do for them, even unintentionally. We have all heard of people who find a partner because he or she is wealthy but it goes much deeper than that. Some people might be seeking people that they can "fix" because it makes them feel important to be needed, or it gives them a sense of sub-conscious importance over others. Other people may be seeking to "save" someone in crisis because it makes them feel like the hero. The person being "saved" may very well be looking for someone to rescue them so they don't have to do it on their own, they want the "knight in shining armor" to make everything all better. Or perhaps you know a couple that came together through affairs, they were married to other people but connected to "escape" the current relationship. These are all examples of people who unite ego's not hearts.
Relationships based on ego attraction are unlikely to last forever because they are based on things that will change. A relationship with a foundation built on love, trust and compassion for one another is much stronger and can sustain outside influence. A relationship built on ego attraction never establishes a solid foundation and can easily crumble. Also, when the drama, crisis, or rescuing is over, the couple may get bored and wonder what happened.
If your relationship started on ego attraction, become aware and take steps to establish a loving connection. If you are single and looking, start looking at ways to connect with someone on a deeper level. If you are starting over after a break up, do some soul searching and figure out what attracted you to your past relationships and make changes if needed. For those of you in Upstate, NY, I am teaching a FREE relationship workshop this coming Wednesday at Natur-Tyme in Syracuse, NY. Please see "Upcoming Workshops" for more information and Live Inspired Now!

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