Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is that YOUR stinkin thinkin that smells so bad?

Recently I was speaking with a client who expressed to me that she was afraid she would never feel truly good about her relationship and that she was feeling resentful. I knew things had been going well recently so I wondered what was different. She had spent time that day telling another friend all about the troubles her and her boyfriend had gone through in the past with affairs. She asked me why she felt so crappy when things had been going well.
This is what I told her: "You don't know how bad standing or stagnate water smells until you stir it up." If the swamp is just sitting there, you never smell it, but when you start wading around in it, you smell how gross it is. This is the same with what we focus on. If you sit and talk about all the bad things that happened in the past, you will feel bad. Don't mire yourself in the stench..... break that pattern and ONLY talk about the good stuff! Talk about the things your boyfriend and you have been doing lately, all the great moments and laughs you have shared. There really is no reason to revisit history unless you want to keep feeling badly about it.
She totally got what I was saying and it helped her to remember that although things aren't perfect, they are still really good and they have both worked hard to make their relationship so much better!
Today, focus solely on the positive, feel great, be grateful, smile, listen to happy music, tell only positive uplifting stories, and Live Inspired Now!

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