Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't sugar coat it!

I was having tea with a friend the other day and telling her about the food detox that I am doing with another friend. I told her that I wanted to lose the 20 lbs I have gained in the past couple of years because I felt like a total fat ass. She was completely taken aback by my self deprecation and very kindly tried to convince me that I was not fat and I was beautiful just the way I am etc. I explained to her that I still LOVE myself, love my body and have full confidence in my own beauty but I was not going to sugar coat my weight gain because then I wouldn't have the motivation to lose the weight. I am all for using beautiful and loving self talk but I am also all about keeping it real and right now I feel fat! (Granted it's only 20 lbs but for me, that is a lot.)
I refuse to "sugar coat" how I am feeling. When I express my discomfort with the extra 20 lbs, it has nothing to do with who I am as a person, how much I contribute to the world, nor does it impact my overall confidence. I LOVE me! But I also want to feel physically comfortable and I will do that by tweaking my food and exercise routine. So my friend Peg is hosting this 7 day detox which helps people discover their food sensitivities, kick sugar and lose weight naturally without dieting. I am totally looking forward to losing my extra 20 lbs and getting back on track.
So today, if you want to make a change, don't sugar coat it, say what you really mean and put some emotion behind your goal! You are more likely to follow through with something you are passionate about! Think about it.... which statement seems more likely for success?
1- I want to lose a few pounds.
2- I am sick and tired of being a fat ass and I WILL lose this weight, I WILL not settle for less, I WILL feel great, I WILL have more energy, I WILL be healthy and I WILL love myself through the entire process!
Number 2 has a much higher chance of ultimate success because of the passion. So get passionate, get motivated and keep practicing it, Don't sugar coat your goals, don't settle for less than you want and Live Inspired Now!!!

PS: Here is a link to my friend Peg's program if you would like to check it out: 

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