Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let go or lose more....

I am so pumped up about the workshops I taught yesterday. I met so many great people and as always, I was inspired! During the second workshop a man asked about letting go. He was wondering how long to continue fighting for someone that didn't want him back. I talked to him about detachment and letting go. I told him that holding on to things too hard causes them to break and I asked him who this was really about.
If someone has clearly expressed that they do not want to be with you yet you continue to push, fight, stalk, call, text or obsess over the person or the relationship, it is NOT about the other person. You don't "love" them, you are working out of a place of ego. It is all about you and what you want. Your desires, your emotions, your need and that can be extremely overwhelming to another person. If you truly loved someone, you would let them go. In many cases, when you do let them go and they see that you are willing to put their needs and wants first, that is when they see how selfless you are and that can create a deeper connection. The old cliche is true: If you love someone let them go.... if they come back then it was meant to be. I also reminded him that some of the best things in life have resulted when you let go of what you think you need so much. I talked breakups; when we go through a break up it hurts but then down the road when you find that truly amazing relationship, you are grateful for the past breakups because it brought you to today. If you had not let go, you might still be miserable and never had found the right person!
It is all about letting go and realizing that we do not control anyone but ourselves. The best way to live inspired and to have good people around us is to treat ourselves well. Magic moments are always filled with kindness. We need to be kind to ourselves and trust that things will work out. We don't have to hold on to everything and everyone so tightly, we can let go and trust that it will all work out for the best. People deserve loving, kind relationships with others who truly appreciate them and want to share their life with them.
Is it time for YOU to let go of something or someone? What are the consequences if you don't? Think about letting go, trusting the Universe and Live Inspired Now!

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