Thursday, April 25, 2013

Say something nice or SHUT UP!

It is so nice to be around people who truly love and adore their spouse! How bad does it feel when someone is talking to you and bashing the person they are supposed to love? They talk all about the limitations or downfalls of their "loved one" and it can make you feel really uncomfortable. I had a co-worker years ago that always spoke down about his wife, I can't think of one nice thing that he ever had to say about her. Then when I met her, I was surprised and delighted by how lovely she was. Of course then I felt bad because clearly SHE was stuck with someone who didn't value her at all! I LOVE hearing people when they brag about their spouses. I often brag about mine! (Of course you all already know how truly amazing Thad is!)
How good would your spouse feel if you were to brag about them? Say really nice things about them to your co-workers or drop a couple lines about how grateful you are for them on facebook? How important would you make them feel if they knew that you thought they were Superman/woman? Remember also, your spouse is a reflection of the choice YOU made. So if you are talking down about someone, it only reflects badly on you. (If you are in a situation where the relationship is ending, you still should not talk badly about the other person.)
So today... go ahead and brag a little about the one you love, speak and regard them highly, make them feel really important and Live Inspired Now!

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