Monday, April 29, 2013

Forget the forest... look at the tree!

I was inspired yesterday by Thad and his constant composure. He is able to maintain calm through almost anything! I was talking to him this morning about how after many hours spent with the kids, I need to go and decompress for a bit while he is still calm, cool, and collected. I started to feel kind of guilty for needing a break from them when he is so capable of just letting it all go and that is when I realized what was going on. Thad is able to take each situation separately while I see them as a whole big picture. Thad says he sees the tree but I see the entire forest.
I was explaining to him that when I am with the kids, I am listening, processing, and figuring out how everything will impact them and their future. For example: when Carrie came home from her dads with a migraine yesterday. I had to do an investigation: What did you eat? How long have you had it? Did you drink enough water today? Then upon determining what went wrong, I had to try and fix it: Drink some water, lay down, do not eat any more junk food, take a warm shower and let me give you a hug. Then I thought about the long term effects: Will she have migraines forever? Should I consult a nutritionist and change her diet? How will this impact her in the future?
So while Thad just dealt with the immediate situation, I had to turn it into a full blown intervention! I would love to say that I am perfect, but clearly I am not. lol. Now that I realize that I was doing that, I have an opportunity to make a different choice. Next time one of the kids has an issue, I am going to deal with the issue at hand rather than globalizing the entire problem. Funny how well I do this in every other area of life but when it comes to the kids, I was so concerned with the "what ifs" that I was stressing myself out.
So today, look at each situation that comes up for what it is, not what it "might" be. It is fine to look at the big picture sometimes, but you don't need to every time. And while some people say "You can't see the forest through the trees...." I say, just look at the tree, you don't have to see the whole forest. Sometimes in looking at the entire forest you miss the beauty and uniqueness of each individual tree. Watch, love, participate and enjoy each and every moment and Live Inspired Now!

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