Sunday, April 28, 2013

His, hers....SCREW IT... it's ALL MINE!!!

I often hear from couples that they are fighting over who "owns" what. Maybe the house is in his name and in a moment of anger he screams "this is MY house!" Or maybe the wife reminds the husband that "I make the money, it's mine and I get to decide how we spend it." Or even worse, "these are MY kids and you don't make the rules for them." UHG! Just break up now and move on!!! Toothbrushes and underwear are things you can claim as ONLY yours but why not share everything else? If you are in a relationship where you don't trust your partner enough to share your home, your kids, your finances or your truth with, then you are not in the right relationship. In fact, you are probably the one abusing the relationship! Now obviously if you just started dating someone, you should take your time to get to know and trust them. However, if you are in a long term relationship and sharing your life with someone, you should be sharing everything. Yours and mine only cause resentment and hurt feelings. It will eventually lead to a break up or, if you stay together, a passionless, mediocre, unhappy relationship.
If you love him, share you world with him, if you can't because you don't trust him, then either seek help to strengthen your relationship or move on! Relationships can be repaired, but it gets harder to do so, the longer you let resentment build up. What do you value more? Your life partner or "YOUR things?" What are you really building? A business partnership or a relationship?
Stop fighting about his, hers, and mine and share you life together. Share everything and don't abuse it, or each other. So today, stop the cycle of fighting about who owns what. Develop a deeper love that goes well beyond things and stuff. Create a bond that unites not separates and Live and Love Inspired Now!

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