Friday, April 26, 2013

Do THIS and feel awesome no matter what.....

I cannot stress this enough; if you want to feel good, do good things for other people and you will feel amazing! So Harry came home from school yesterday and tells me that he took extra money to school so he could do something nice. He then went on to explain that the "big cookies" in the lunch room are $1.00 and he brought $5.00 with him. He purchased 5 big cookies, kept 1 and gave 4 away. He said he was walking through the lunch room and some kid said "Hey, you have too many cookies. Can I have one?" and Harry said "Sure!" Harry said the kid couldn't believe it when Harry just smiled and handed him one. He also gave one to a friend and a couple to random strangers.
Harry said "Mom, I felt so GREAT!!!" He went on to say that he totally understands what I mean about helping people and how good it feels. He said that he was helping because it made people feel pretty happy.
What a proud mom moment! He did this all on his own without prompting too! I cannot stress enough how important it is to teach our kids about helping others and giving beyond themselves. The true way to happiness is through service, kindness, and compassion. Today, ask your kids to do an act of kindness for someone, or do one yourself.
 Here are just a few suggestions:
-pay for the coffee for the guy behind you in line
-buy an extra coffee for the homeless guy you walk by
-offer to carry something that looks heavy
-hold doors and smile
-compliment people... especially if they seem to be having a bad day
-offer to run an errand for someone
-let people cut in front of you while driving
-give your kids some extra money to buy extra snacks for friends
-buy pizza for the office
-send cards to kids in the hospital
-support kids/people going through medical challenges

No matter what you do.... feel good knowing you are doing something for others. These are just a few examples of some of the easier things you can do.... feel free to go above and beyond if you are so inspired! Get out there and do good things, feel great about it and Live Inspired Now!

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