Monday, April 15, 2013

Boost your self appreciation.....

I had a client recently that was focusing on all the challenges she was facing. I asked her to tell me what she had accomplished in her life and she couldn't really recall anything. I pointed out what was obvious to me.... she had beautiful children, a new home, a loving husband, and countless other blessings. She then realized that she truly did have so much and she started rattling off all the other things she had accomplished or was grateful for. Sometimes in our quest for more, more, more, we forget to appreciate ourselves for what we have already done. Today, write yourself a "thank you" note. State all the reasons you are grateful to your SELF. Maybe you are thankful that you were smart enough to walk away from a situation or temptation. Maybe you are thankful for persevering through school or sticking with a job to support your family. Maybe you are thankful that you are kind and well mannered. Write down as much as you can... try not to leave anything out! Then post it somewhere for easy reference and during times of self doubt, refer to it and remember to appreciate yourself. So today, get started on your letter of thanks to you, focus on all that you have not what you lack and Live Inspired Now!

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