Sunday, March 17, 2013

You can learn HAPPINESS!

Happiness is a choice and that choice can take practice if you have spent your life as a pessimist or if you have been consistently choosing to be unhappy. Surround yourself with others who are HAPPY. Hire a coach who can support you through making better choices. I tell all of my clients that your new life takes practice but it gets easier with time. Just like quitting smoking, breaking negative thinking takes time and practice. Don't give up, don't give in, just do what you have to do! If you catch yourself falling back into old patterns of negativity or "depression," stop what you are doing, relax and give it some thought. You can either indulge in misery or make a choice to change your focus and put your energy into healthy and happy thoughts. The fastest way to happiness is to concentrate on the needs of others rather than always focusing on yourself. Practicing happiness is not something you do here and there, now and then. If you truly want to implement happiness as your default, then you need to practice and immerse yourself in it every moment. Claim your new happy life by settling for nothing less, take steps to remind yourself and encourage your journey and Live Inspired Now!

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