Monday, March 18, 2013

Be the observer....

Yesterday Thad and I arrived early for an appointment so we had the opportunity to sit and "people watch" for a bit. We people watch often but this time was particularly fun and I got thinking about being a life observer. So many people walk around and see only what effects them, they never observe the bigger picture. They never see how others are effected and they rarely observe the emotions of others. As we sat there watching an unhappy man give the cashier a hard time, I thought about how she must feel. Based on what I observed, everyone around this unhappy man was effected. The cashier seemed like she felt bullied, the man in line behind the unhappy man was getting frustrated and threw his hands up in the air. Even Thad was annoyed with the unhappy man as he kept staring at me. I wondered if the unhappy man had any consciousness at all or if he knew the way he was impacting others... he didn't seem to. I wondered what made him act this way. Was he hurting, did he feel rejected, did he just get some bad news, was he tired or overwhelmed, did he feel lonely or maybe he was just a participant and not an observer, never taking anyone else into account besides himself. I don't know the answers but I did enjoy observing without getting emotionally involved in the interactions. It is important to observe, to take a look at the bigger picture now and then, to realize we impact others and always to Live Inspired Now.

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