Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shopping is not therapy......

Money is an awesome tool and it allows you to do many things that you can't do without it. However, it will never buy you feelings of happiness or put you at peace. Peace and happiness come purely from within. No amount of porcelain figurines, dainty rose teacups, sports memorabilia, primitives, or new furnishings will make you happy. Your happiness depends 100% upon your choice to be or not to be. Our country is inundated with plastic crap made in foreign countries that we think we need yet, people remain "unhappy." We all like to have nice things and there is nothing wrong with that but know that those things are just that... things. They possess no powers to make us happy, no peace making abilities and certainly don't do anything to change your station in life. Shopping is not therapeutic; there is nothing you can buy that will make you happy. So today, instead of shopping for more things to dust off, take a walk in nature, meditate, smile for no reason, focus on all the things you already possess within and Live Inspired Now!

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