Sunday, March 3, 2013

How do YOU handle change?

How do YOU get into the water? Do you take the plunge and dive right in? Do you dip your big toe in and complain about how cold it is? Do you get only your lower half in and walk around on tip toes shivering? Do you jump in like a cannon ball trying to make the biggest splash? Do you try to dive in with the perfect form of an Olympic diver and then judge your dive? Or do you just sit on the side and watch everyone else having fun?
Does the way you get into the water reflect the way you approach life? Are you willing to jump right into new things? Do you resist change and complain about it? Do you do things halfway then wonder why they don't work? Do you need to let everyone know what you are doing and get their attention? Do you aim to be perfect and constantly judge yourself? Do you refuse to get involved in anything new?
The way you get into the water may not be the same way you approach life but if it is.... are you OK with it? Change is a part of life, think about how you handle it and Live Inspired Now!

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