Monday, March 25, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Social Intelligence

Albert Einstein said that "Information is not knowledge." We can learn tons of information, read thousands of books, study for countless hours, but if we cannot interact on a social level then what good is all that information? Knowing how to interact with both individuals and groups of people is a valuable skill. Kids should learn to try and understand the feelings of others, how to resolve conflict, as well as how to act, react and interact with others. Make sure they have opportunities to spend time interacting with other people and that you are modeling good social interactions for them. Talk to them and explain human psychology as well. Help them understand why people say and do things and ask them how they might have responded differently. Teach them what is appropriate. Kids should learn manners and how to show respect to others. Explain the consequences of poor social skills. Let them know that people may choose not to be around them if they act inappropriately which is a real world consequence. Let's face it, the guy who is rude in his interview won't get the job, the "date" who goes on and on about past negative relationships won't get invited back out, and the friend who talks bad about everyone else is likely to end up friendless.
So today, if you haven't, start teaching your children about social intelligence. Help them to have healthy interactions with others so they won't grow up feeling isolated or lonely. Have healthy relationships with kind people and model good social interactions. Raise socially and emotionally healthy children because relationships are the most important things we have in life and Live Inspired Now!


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