Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Zest

Zest is not just a brand of soap! It is an enthusiasm and excitement for all that you do; a desire to be active and feel alive! Children learn to be passionate about things by watching their parents get excited and from receiving encouragement for things they are good at. Passion is rarely produced by constantly pointing out what a child does poorly. Kids get excited about things when they are anchored in good feelings and emotions. If a child comes home excited about a new book or a new school project, spend time talking about it and show enthusiasm for your child's involvement. Encourage them to participate fully in whatever they are excited about.
My son Ethan learned to play chess at school and he was pretty excited about it. None of us play chess but Thad learned just so he could play with Ethan. After losing several times Ethan said he didn't want to play with dad anymore because he never got to win. I explained that losing was a GOOD thing because he was getting experience that he wouldn't have if he played against someone below his ability. I also told him that someday when he won, he would know that he had accomplished something that was difficult and could be proud of himself. Well it wasn't very long before Ethan DID beat Thad! Oh my goodness, you would have thought the kid won the lottery! It was great! He couldn't stop smiling and he told every person he knows! He also admitted to me that the victory felt so good because he knew he beat a challenging opponent and that gave him great satisfaction.
Kids don't get excited about everything but when they do, encourage them and look for opportunities to help them stay excited. So today, promote zest and passion in your kids, and in YOU as well and Live Inspired Now!


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