Thursday, March 28, 2013

7 Character Strengths: Gratitude

Gratitude is an attitude that improves every aspect of life! It would be challenging to be unhappy or pessimistic if you were truly grateful for every moment you have. In the current day and age, we tend to focus on doing and having more, accomplishments and achievements. Even personal development which should be about self actualization has become a "take massive action to achieve more" industry. We need to spend more time in the reflection of gratitude and acceptance of where we are on the journey. If we solely focus on our goals and achievement we will never enjoy where we are.
Teach children to be grateful for what they have, who they are, and for just waking up each day! Talk about gratitude, let the kids know what you are grateful for. Start a gratitude board and have everyone in the home post something they are grateful for each day. Teach them to be thankful for another day on earth and give them some perspective. Remind them that they have opportunities and luxuries that many other people in the world may never have. Tell them stories about the "olden days" when we didn't have cell phones and computers. (lol. olden days. lol) Ask the kids each night at dinner to recall something they were grateful for in their day. Teach kids to say thank you for everything as it reflects an attitude of gratitude. Take time out to celebrate accomplishments. Have ice cream to celebrate finishing a school project before rushing into the next one, or take the kids to the park to celebrate Spring.
So today, no matter what, just show gratitude as often as possible and encourage the kids to do the same. Even a "tough" life has an abundant amount of things to be grateful for if you are willing to see them. Be grateful, teach your children to the same and Live Inspired Now!

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