Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Talk to your kid!

Every painful emotion that is not faced in childhood can become a huge problem in adulthood. It either causes a child to build a wall or to suppress emotions which create painful scars that are stimulated by events throughout the rest of a child's life. A child living in a home where the parents fight and are unhappy shows the same symptoms of stress and trauma as a child who was raised in a war torn nation. The best thing you can do for a child like this is to encourage them to discharge their feelings, otherwise those feelings become the basis for their choices later in life. They may become emotionally unavailable, abusive, victims of abuse, or even lonely because the walls erected prevent them from getting close to anyone. Be there for a child, listen to them, and allow them to say whatever it is they need to say. Encourage them to be open and honest and say even the "scary things." This amount of honesty will create a deeper bond between you but it will also validate the child's feelings so that they can move past them. Some children may be ashamed of their feelings but letting them know that it is OK to have emotions and to talk about how they feel can put them at ease. Most people are more afraid of the feelings they have MORE than what actually created the feelings.
So today, start building a habit of openness with your child, encourage honest communication, raise kids that become healthy adults, and Live Inspired Now!

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