Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Too many people are focused on what they are NOT getting in life rather than what they can give. If you give what you want, you will also receive it. I get calls/emails daily from people who want me to fix their significant other because he or she is not giving them what they need. Rarely does anyone ever call and say "I think I need to consider my partners needs more in order to strengthen our relationship, can you help me?" I have been talking about self awareness for a month now and I just can't state it enough. The more self aware you become, the more focused on giving and the more you can practice non reaction, the more fulfilling life will become. If you give love you feel love, if you give compassion you feel compassion, if you cause drama you feel drama and if you spread hate, you feel hatred. It really is that simple.
If your partner is acting badly, think about what they might be dealing with, try to be compassionate and keep your cool. (We are talking about normal upset or angry reactions, NOT abuse. Abuse is never OK.) Wait until the storm passes then talk to your partner, find out why they are upset and give them time to express their feelings without internalizing it, without assuming you are the cause. Most disagreements or misunderstandings stem from one person taking offense to their partners feelings. Feelings are valid but do some work and figure out where they actually come from rather than "blaming" everyone else. We all have the choice to act or react to every moment. Don't be so unaware that you just assume everything is about you. Focus on what you can give to your relationship and to the world while remembering to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is also doing good for others because you are setting a good example as well as making your environment more pleasant which makes it easier for you to continue to focus on doing more good! The cycle of altruism is one of the best gifts you could ever give to the world! So today, focus on giving what you want to the world, become more self aware and evolved and Live Inspired Now!

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