Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healthy adult, healthy child...

The most important thing you can ever have as a parent is a good relationship with your child. Talk to them, kick their butts when they need it, laugh with them, ground them, eat dinner with them, listen to them, encourage them, smile at them, compliment their art and craft creations, allow them to be open and honest and you do the same, set boundaries, be a good example, get to know their friends, celebrate their accomplishments, reward their kindness, act goofy together, tell them you love them, hug them before they leave each day, check up on them, watch their games, empower them to make good choices, give them responsibilities, tell them they are beautiful/handsome, but most of all, always be present and available. When all is said and done... all that really matters is that you have a relationship with your child and that relationship lasts into adulthood. Being a parent is not easy and often our kids don't like our decisions but in the long run they know you are just looking out for their best interest. My daughter Mattie told me yesterday that she was glad she didn't have facebook or a cell phone anymore because it forced to her to not participate in the teenage drama that all girls her age are drawn in to. It gives her an "out" from the drama and she can "blame" us for it although she is actually grateful. Kids need boundaries and even if they don't seem to appreciate them, they do, because it takes a great deal of pressure off of them. Don't be afraid to make the tough parenting decisions, to dish out consequences for bad behavior, or to get your child help if he or she needs it. Parenting is challenging but the reward is a healthy adult that brings grand babies or even grand fur babies home to visit. :) So today, talk to your children, you didn't raise them to ignore them, spend some quality time, be the example of a healthy, happy adult and Live Inspired Now!

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