Saturday, March 30, 2013

Energy effects ALL....

Your energy, good or bad, effects everyone around including pets. One bad attitude can hurt an entire family just as easily as one really happy person can bring light and peace. What are you bringing to those around you? Have you ever been around someone who is festering with anger or rage? Even if that person is not saying anything, you can still feel the intense energy and it makes you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like I want to run out of the room or escape when a person's energy is heavy or hostile like that. Even animals can sense it and will go hide.
I often wonder if there is a correlation between pit bull attacks and their owners energy. You hear about pit bulls (or other dogs) becoming vicious and attacking people yet some people raise pit bulls and they are are docile and lovable. Do people with angry energy tend to buy these types of dogs and are they transferring their own energy to the animal? Just something to think about I suppose.... but I DO know that animals can be just as vulnerable to energy as any human can be.
Knowing all this, we should be careful about what type of energy we are sharing with people, especially our children. Kids are extremely intuitive and are highly susceptible to energy transference. Be sure they are surrounded with lots of positive, healing and joyous energy and avoid people who bring them down. Nobody wants to be around someone who is perpetually pessimistic, unwell, negative, or unwilling to release themselves from unhappiness.
So today, check your own energy.... how are you feeling and what are you conveying to others? Ask your family how they feel around certain people and see if you can notice a trend. Ask your kids if they can sense how other people feel and if it matches the way they appear. Teach the kids about energy and become aware of your own and Live Inspired Now!

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