Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Avoid the drama!

Drama is highly addictive and can cause real problems in life. Drama is the need to turn everything into something huge to satisfy a large need for significance. We all know the people who turn mole hills into mountains. The people who stub their toe and it turns into the worst injury in the history of the planet, in fact "the doctor has never ever seen anything like THIS!" Or how about the person who knows everything about everyone.... perhaps you contact this person when you have news to share because you know if you tell her that she will let EVERYONE else know! Or perhaps you know someone who start arguments in their relationship because they are bored or unhappy.
All of these things are "drama" and can become addictive. Drama can make you feel important because you are getting all the attention. It also gives you a sense of adventure because of the heightened emotions and adrenaline. It also makes you feel connected to the people who buy into your drama and you feel secure knowing that you have others hooked. This is enough to create a serious addiction to drama. It is no different than getting your needs met by a drug and it creates damaging habits that stimulate brain chemicals that create that "drama high."
Become self aware and stop the drama! Find ways to feel important through acts of kindness or altruism. Create bonds that don't rely on manipulation or drama to stay together. Build your relationship on peace, love and giving to one another. Meet your need for adventure through healthy activities like exercise, hiking or something fun that you don't often do. You could also kill your TV. Television, especially reality TV, is the king of drama. It sensationalizes life and gives you a false sense of reality which can make you feel like your own life is uneventful.
So think about it... do you know anyone who is addicted to drama? If you don't know anyone at all... is it you? Kill the drama, create real relationships and bonds, find healthier choices and Live Inspired Now!

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