Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life is simple...

Life is as simple as you will let it be. The most profound things in nature happen effortlessly, without worry, anxiety, stress or misery. Grass grows, trees reach out their branches, wind blows, snow falls, gardens grow, flowers bloom, seasons change, things are born, things die and it is all done without any thought or worry... it is just nature. We too are part of nature yet we complicate everything with thoughts about what will be or what has been. When we live in each individual moment and decide to truly enjoy it, we can live more effortlessly. If you can't enjoy the present moment you are in, you have two other choices. Either do something else or decide to accept it and know that it will not last.
Today, participate in the moment, forget the past and don't obsess on the future,  know that life will work out exactly how it is supposed to, and Live Inspired Now!

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