Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Character Traits...

Education is important but it's not the ONLY thing that is important. What if you have a child that doesn't excel in school, does he feel like the "stupid" fish? Do you build up his strengths which enables confidence? Do you allow him to make mistakes without over-criticizing, which promotes curiosity? Children need to learn character traits even more than they need a traditional education. Studies have proven that children who have strong character traits are far more successful than those who are strong academically.  
There are the 7 character traits a child needs to succeed: Grit, Curiosity, Self-control, Social intelligence, Zest, Optimism, and Gratitude. I will be going over one of these each day for the next week until March 28th when I co-teach the "Strengthening your Family" teleconference. Please register today... the teleconference will enhance your parenting and strengthen your family immediately. 
All kids are smart and there is more than one way to measure their success! Please register for the upcoming workshop, learn how to raise amazing kids and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Be sure to bookmark this page and come back tomorrow for a post on the first character trait!

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