Friday, November 2, 2012

You are not broken.....

Although we all can work on ourselves and grow as people, that doesn't mean you are broken. People are not broken, people cannot lose part of themselves even though we use those words sometimes. If you are feeling down or like you have something blocking your growth, reach out and seek help but don't spend time feeling that you are broken. Life is too short to go through it feeling broken. Every person on earth has an inner light that wants to shine, some allow it, some only allow it a little but even some refuse to let it shine. Our life is our opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the world, how will the world remember you? Do you shine your inner light, grow and evolve as a person, help and give to others and live to the fullest? These are the things that make us feel good, that remind us we are whole and not broken, that we are capable of unbelievable love and joy. So today, realize that you are not broken and make the decision to live a full and joyous life and Live Inspired Now!

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