Friday, November 16, 2012

Be present for your partner.....

Last night was the relationship teleconference! We had people from all over the US and out of the country too! While I was on the phone teaching the workshop, Thad came in and placed a bouquet of flowers on my mantle, it was so sweet! After that, he stayed and did some work and quietly listened in. He would glance up at me from time to time as I paced the floor back and forth, passionately speaking to my listeners. After the conference, Thad said that he was glad he listened in because he got some reminders! I certainly don't think he needs any, but was glad he enjoyed it.
Well this morning, when we were kissing and saying our goodbyes before he left for work, Thad took me in his arms, pulled me in close and just stared into my eyes. He was so present, so completely there, he melted me! Then off to work he went! lol. In that 45 seconds he stared into my eyes, he owned me. It was so awesome!! Maybe that was the refresher he picked up for my workshop? Today, be completely present for your partner. Even if only for a magic moment or two, but be there. Without distraction, without phones, kids, dogs, work or whatever, just be there 1000% Try this with your partner, give them your full, un-distractable attention, get really connected and Live Inspired Now!

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