Saturday, November 10, 2012

Get extra help...

Today I enrolled 2 of our kids in Kumon. Kumon is a center that provides extra help in math and reading for kids of all levels and ages. One of my kids was super excited about it, the other kid was not super excited but totally understood the benefit and looks forward to getting on track with math. If your child is having difficulties in school, find them some help. Even if you don't go to a formal education center, you can find a tutor or even a high school student to help. There are limitless possibilities for getting a child help and getting them on track for a successful and happy future. Most of you know how I feel about school, I am not a fan of traditional education at all but until we have another system in place, we need to make the most of what we have. I want my kids to be able to feel successful and master the skills they need to move forward. Only we as parents can teach our kids self advocacy, self esteem and personal growth, one way of doing this is through enrichment programs that allow them to feel successful. My kids totally rock, I am super proud of them. Not because they get good grades or excel at school but because they are creative and kind, loving and helpful, respectful and motivated and they make the most out of life! So today, if needed, get your kids some extra help, encourage them to be happy, healthy and proactive in their own personal development and Live Inspired Now!

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