Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get to know your mate...

Thad and I listen to the radio while getting ready for work each day and we enjoy the random facts that they report. Today they were reporting on what percentage of men don't know this and that about their women. 12% of men didn't know their woman birthday and an even higher percentages didn't know their sizes, favorite stores and even their cell phone number. Yikes! No wonder there is such a high divorce rate! Get to know your partner! Show them that you are interested in them, take notice of the things they like or do. Be present for your partner, when they are talking, truly listen, notice their expressions and don't do anything that could distract you. (You can't be fully present for your partner while watching television or emailing a co-worker.) Let your partner know how much you appreciate what they do and that you notice even the simple things. If your partners co-workers or close friends know more about them than you do, there is a problem. Make sure to let your partner know they are the most important person in your world. Get to know them better, learn the basic facts as well as their nuances, show them how interested you are and Live Inspired Now!

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