Monday, November 26, 2012

Be genuine to who YOU are...

I was talking to my daughter Carrie yesterday and she was describing her demeanor at school. She said she is friends with this group and that group, she isn't afraid to wear what she wants, she is nice to everyone and she is not afraid to give her opinion (respectfully) even when the teacher disagrees. I was proud and asked her if she knew what all this meant. She wasn't sure so I smiled and proclaimed her to be a "leader!" I explained that her genuine concern for others, fearless approach to style and her willingness to be open minded makes her a natural leader! She was pretty excited and then explained how her closest friends were also leaders too! I told her to always be genuine to who she is. I told her that being a leader meant not letting other people "dare" you into doing things, following your own style not trends, being brave, standing up for what is right, having a quiet confidence and never letting anyone stand in the way of your dreams, goals or purpose!
Be genuine to who YOU are, don't let others dictate what you wear, who you see or what you say, be true to the real you and Live Inspired Now!

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