Friday, November 30, 2012

Men; Don't be afraid to be strong...

Men, start paying attention to your lady, that is what she wants more than anything! Women want to feel like they are the most important person in your life, they want you to be fully present. That means, not watching television while they are telling you about their day, and yes, they may tell you every last detail right down to the ugly boots the woman at the store had on. It may be completely irrelevant information but be thankful that she wants to share with you. Just let her talk and express herself, don't try to correct her or fix any of it unless she asks, she just needs to get the words out.
Also, when a woman is "emotional," that is when you need to be present even more! Stand strong through her storm and show her that you are an immovable force that she can count on. Women like to know that their men are strong enough to handle it and won't run away. Take your woman in your arms and hold her, just let her cry and rant and quietly hold her. Women like to test their men and his strength, don't be afraid to push back, don't let her emasculate you. Stand up and take action, don't be afraid to assert yourself in a way that will make your lady understand how you feel. You have to be strong enough and allow her to be vulnerable. If she is "taking care of everything and everyone" she will never feel taken care of herself. Take out the garbage, drive the car, open her doors, carry the heavy stuff, buy the saw blades and when she tries to do it, don't let her! Tell her that you are her man and you need to do certain things so you can take care of her! (Of course the specific things are different for every couple, but you get the idea.) Just man up, take care of your woman, pay attention to her, make her feel like your queen, truly listen to her, do the man jobs, bring her flowers, be strong and immovable, communicate openly and Live Inspired Now!

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