Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ladies; you are not equal to men...

Ladies, stop trying to prove to your men how strong you are, you might render them useless! I get this from so many couples, the woman is upset because the man has become emasculated. Ladies, you need to allow your men to be men. You are not in competition, you are in a relationship. Every relationship has roles that need to be filled, don't try to fill your mans role.
Men and women are NOT equal. Yes, we deserve equal human rights, but we are far from equal. (Again, we deserve equal human rights, no one is less valuable than another.) Allow your man to do things for you; let them carry the heavy bags instead of saying "I can do it, I can do it!" Yes, you CAN do it, but he wants to help you, that is an act of kindness it doesn't take away from your strength. Also remember, our men are our partners, not our children. If they leave their socks on the floor, so what? Either pick them up or ignore them.... do you want a clean bedroom or a happy husband? Seriously, people make big things out of little ones and that is what causes frustration. When you "scold" him about the socks, it puts you in a parental role and then it becomes harder for him to act like a man. A man doesn't want to ravage your body and treat you like a woman if you act like his mom.
I know all this sounds harsh, and I will address the men tomorrow but for today, it's all about us ladies. Treat your man like a king and he will make your his queen and there is nothing wrong with being the queen! Embrace your feminine essence and let the man express his masculinity. Don't turn him into your girlfriend, because you rob him of his role as man, husband, mate, protector, bag carrier, door holder, knight in shining armor, ravager, lover, partner and so much more. Most men want nothing more than to please their women and see them smile, smile at your man, thank him for wanting to take care of you and Live Inspired Now!

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