Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dump abusive friendships....

Most people think of abusive relationships in the sense of romantic relationships but friendships can be abusive too. All too often people stay in abusive friendships because they have been friends for so long they can't imagine not being friends anymore, or they are afraid of being alone, or they feel like the person will use information spoken in confidence against them if they aren't friends anymore. I have a client that was unable to express her true feelings to a friend because the friend would hang up on her, berate her, talk about her behind her back and even went so far as to say nasty things to her kids. My dear readers... THIS is not friendship! A friend appreciates what you have to say even if they disagree. A friend respects your secrets and doesn't share them with others. A friend gives back, not just takes. A friend encourages you and doesn't try to hold you back so they feel better about not going forward themselves. A friend doesn't call you names or spout mean words to your loved ones. So today, take a look at your friendships. Are you in an abusive friendship or are you treating a friend poorly? Be the friend you would want to have, ditch any and all abusive friendships and Live Inspired Now!

PS: Abuse comes in many forms: physical, sexual, verbal, emotional and even financial. Another person attempting to control you to get what they want it never OK. You are worth the entire world... don't ever settle for less.

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