Thursday, November 15, 2012

No room for anger...

Anger kills passion, it kills joy and it kills relationships. There is no room for anger in a healthy relationship. That is not to say you won't get angry sometimes, but do not let resentment toward your partner build into anger. I have been speaking all week about effective communication with people, about how couples should be talking, expressing their feelings and emotions. When you let the little things go un-said, they build up into things you eventually resent. "I don't like they way he responds to my text messages" becomes "I hate him, he doesn't care about me at all!" Talk to one another, allow your partner the luxury of being able to express themselves without you taking offense or feeling attacked. If you can tell each other how you feel while the other just listens and refuses to take it personally, you will have a long lasting relationship. Good communication is vital, it makes you feel safe with your partner, it allows you to get things out, it makes you feel appreciated and heard, it creates intimacy and creates a strong bond as a couple. So today, talk to your partner, do not allow resentment or anger to creep into your relationship and Live Inspired Now!

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