Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Encourage young entrepreneurs...

The other day, I was telling my daughter Mattie the story of when I was a pre-teen in the early 80's and MTV was first coming out. (They actually played music videos back then!) I was in middle school, 7th grade I think and I created a nice little business for myself by selling MTV logos that I had hand drawn and decorated. Almost all of my friends had businesses, from delivering newspapers, to making friendship pins to selling stickers. We were all little entrepreneurs and loved it and really loved having extra money! Once, I even ran a lemonade stand outside of my moms store. My sister and I raised enough money to take a trip to Bush Gardens. These early experiences set the tone for my life, I have been a go getter for as long as I can remember and I have almost always been self employed. So today, encourage a child to start their own business, allow them to be creative and think about how they can turn their talents into profit, or to use it philanthropically, to help other people. Teach kids about working for themselves and inspire them to take some business risks and Live Inspired Now!

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